Ibiza with children: Barruguet Theatre Festival
21 de May de 2018
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

This month is one of the most important family friendly cultural events in Ibiza: Barruguet Festival. This theatre performance takes place in Santa Eulària des Riu and is designed for both children and their parents. If your holiday in Ibiza is during the last week in May, include this event in your…

5 things to do in Ibiza with children
15 de May de 2018
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

Sometimes it seems as if Ibiza is a destination for clubbers only; Nothing could be further than the truth! The island offers families a wide range of plans for both teenagers and young children. Learn about our 5 suggestions to enjoy a fun holiday in Ibiza. The smuggler’s and pirate’s cave. In the…

5 places for kids during your Ibiza holiday II
20 de April de 2018
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We always create fond memories of the summer months during our childhood. If you would like to enjoy Ibiza with children don’t forget to include in your travel itinerary the following places in Ibiza as well as the ones we already suggested on our first post. Book your family car with us and let the…

Can Marça, the cave of smugglers and pirates.
5 de July de 2016
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

Ibiza has many family attractions. Can Marça cave is a good example. Located a few kilometers from the village of Sant Miquel de Balansat, this cave well worth a visit on a tour of the north of the island. Especially if the traveler likes stories of smugglers and pirates.  Can Marça hidden in the cl…

Ibiza’s beaches – Cala Gracio y Cala Gracioneta
16 de August de 2014
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On the West coast of Ibiza, in the North of San Antonio, you will find Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta, two stunning unspoilt beaches which are ideal for families to visit, as their seabeds, with gentle slopes and fine sand are very safe for young children. And if you are staying in town, they will…