Who are we at Moto Luis

A car rental in Ibiza with a proper name

The history of Moto Luis dates back to 1956, when Luis López from Madrid opened a small scooter rental company in San Antonio to invite tourists to explore Ibiza’s unspoilt beaches and landscapes. There, Mariano Roig started in the business, who at the age of fifteen already fixed the motorcycles and attended to clients. Since Luis lived in Madrid, he quickly entrusted the business to Mariano and turned him into his partner when he was only eighteen years old. From that moment, Mariano Roig dedicated his energy to turning Moto Luis into at one of the best rated local car hire companies in Ibiza, respectful with the client and the island.

Moto Luis, a car rental in Ibiza with a long history.

Moto Luis and the legacy of good work

Mariano Roig retired in 2011 and, although he is still often seen in the office it’s us his daughters Marga and Marta Roig who manage the company with the same en-thusiasm that our father showed us. For us, as for him, customer loyalty and satis-faction continue to be the best prize because they are also the main goals in the his-tory of Moto Luis.

The six decades of experience accumulated by our family business drives us to continue offering a trustworthy, friendly, close and respectful car and scooter rental in Ibiza with respect to the client and the island. Because when you love what you do, it is very difficult not to do it well.

Welcome to Moto Luis. Welcome to Ibiza. The Roig family and our excellent team of professionals wish you a happy holiday and a happy car rental without worries.

The values that guide us

The pillars that support our work are your best guarantee.



The key to our success

Without it, it is impossible to have transparency, coherence and trust, which are the other three main pillars of Moto Luis. Therefore, honesty is the mother value that feeds the rest of our values and because of it, year after year, we continue to offer a very satisfactory car rental for our customers.

“This is the first precept of friendship: to ask of friends only what is honest, and only what is honest to do for them”. – Marcus Tullius Cicero



Attentive to your needs

We are all customers and we all like to be treated as individuals, don’t we? That’s why at Moto Luis we adapt as much as possible to meet your needs when renting a car in Ibiza: by offering the service we would like to receive in the same situation in which you find yourself.

“Empathy: From the Greek ἐμπάθεια empátheia. Ability to identify with someone and share their feelings.”



We care about your satisfaction

And if we add honesty and empathy, what other value can result than good quality? Good quality in customer service and good quality in our fleet, which is constantly being updated so that you can enjoy cars and scooters in perfect condition in all categories: budget, convertibles, SUVs, Jeeps, premium, electric, scooters, etc…
“Quality and value for money are not to be despised”, as the Spanish saying goes.



We are from Ibiza

We are part of the ongoing economy of the island, contributing to the generation of employment and the development of other local businesses. And if you’re wondering why we never offer low cost rates, it’s because our team enjoys excellent working conditions. That’s why it’s common to be served by a familiar face when you return to the island, isn’t it?


Respect for the environment

Connected to green mobility

In the fight against climate change, car rental companies have a responsibility to gradually transform our vehicle fleet to reach 100% electric models by 2035. We started in 2017 by purchasing our first hybrid model and today we already have several electric vehicle models in our fleet.

“Think globally, act locally”.


Social commitment

We are commited

Investing in society benefits us all. That’s why at Moto Luis we launch a donation campaign every year in collaboration with our clients, whose generosity has benefited various non-profit organisations in Ibiza: APNEEF (children with special needs), Asociación de Cáncer de Mama Metastásico (local fight against cancer NGO), Proyecto Juntos (the together project for hospitalized children), Centro de Menores Hogar del Remei (children’s temporary home)… A small gesture that undoubtedly goes a long way.

The Moto Luis team

We introduce ourselves before your arrival in Ibiza because we know that there is no better welcome than a familiar smile.

Marta Roig

Commercial Director

Mariano Roig


Marga Roig

Financial director and management