Jeep Wrangler rental in Ibiza

The best Jeep to explore the island during your holidays.

Our hardtop and soft-top Jeep Wranglers are among the most requested and most popular models at Moto Luis. The beautiful landscapes of the island and the good weather are an invitation to drive this attractive 4×4. Book it with us and enjoy a Jeep Wrangler rental in Ibiza at the best price.

Reasons to rent a Jeep Wrangler in Ibiza

Ibiza is a perfect destination to rent an open-top Jeep Wrangler to go to the beach or to have a drive to discover new places on the island. This 4x4 has automatic transmission, you can get everywhere with it, even to the most remote villa, it is a real 4WD and its rental at Moto Luis is cheaper than you think. You can choose this fun Jeep with either a soft top or a hard top, although in summer you will certainly want to take it without a roof to enjoy the smells of the sea breeze and the Mediterranean countryside.

From the sea to the mountains with your Jeep Wrangler hire in Ibiza

The perfect choice for your holiday if you are staying in a villa

The Jeep Wrangler is an ideal 4×4 for clients who have to travel on country roads and off-road trails on their way to their Ibiza residence. Its characteristics make it a good choice for both rough terrain and driving on tarmac roads. It’s fun, dynamic and with a very appropriate design for the summer; at Moto Luis you will find a fleet of Wrangler Jeeps in constant renovation so that you can enjoy vehicles in perfect condition. The best travel companion to explore the island through its most beautiful side roads, which will show you the most authentic rural landscapes of Ibiza.

Pick up your Jeep Wrangler at Ibiza Airport

If you think there’s no better way to start your holiday on the White Island than picking up your Jeep Wrangler hire at Ibiza airport, book your favourite 4×4 with Moto Luis today and enjoy our best service. With over six decades of experience, our family-run company specialises in Jeep Wranglers at the best price and with an outstanding service: no hidden costs, collection from the airport car park within minutes, no risk of overbookings and offering a wide range of payment methods. We take care of our car hire service down to the smallest detail so that when you think of your Jeep in Ibiza you think of Moto Luis.