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Isla de Tagomago
Tagomago Island, Ibiza: where it is and what’s so special about it
19 de June de 2023

The island of Tagomago is a private island in Ibiza located off its eastern coast and very well known thanks to a luxury villa built on its territory that is usually rented by famous millionaires. However, it is its natural values that make it a unique area to be protected. With a length of 1,525 me…

taxi ibiza aeropuerto
Taxi in Ibiza: is it a good option for getting around the island?
2 de March de 2023

Taking a taxi in Ibiza is one of the most popular activities for visitors during the summer, who often opt for this means of transport to get to the beaches or nightclubs. Here we tell you everything you need to know about this means of transport in Ibiza. Is it better to take a taxi in Ibiza or a h…

calo des moro
Calo des Moro, the cove of the town of San Antonio
24 de February de 2023

Caló des Moro (although many people look it up as Cala del Moro Ibiza) is one of the five beaches in San Antonio, and it’s the only cove located in the town itself. Facing west, its urban character and small size make it a good option if you prefer to stay in town one day. You have probably already…

que ver en sant josep sa talaia
What to see in Sant Josep de sa Talaia
20 de February de 2023

There is plenty to see in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza’s largest township, where some of the island’s most beautiful and famous beaches, archaeological sites, natural spaces and viewpoints await you. You will also find a wide range of restaurants, beach bars, beach clubs and nightclubs. During you…

que tiempo hace en ibiza What the weather is like in Ibiza
The weather in Ibiza, month by month
13 de February de 2023

Wondering what the weather is like in Ibiza in summer or winter is normal when it’s your first time on the island, you’ve never been here in the low season or you’re not familiar with the temperatures in the western Mediterranean. If so, read on and clear up your questions about the weather in Ibiza…