8 Christmas plans to take advantage of your car rental in Ibiza
17 de December de 2019
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

If you live beyond the Pyrenees and this year you have preferred to leave behind the snow and the cold and come to Mediterraneo Sea, take note of the following plans in Ibiza for Christmas that await you on the island for the second half of the month. And welcome the new year with the best energy in…

5 mistakes you should avoid making when renting a car in Ibiza
26 de July de 2018
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

At Moto Luis we rent cars and scooters in Ibiza since 1956 so we offer each of our clients over six decades of experience. Our client satisfaction is very important to us, for this reason we have made this list of mistakes you should always avoid making when renting a car or a scooter. Make a note o…

Are you looking for original plans for your summer holiday in Ibiza?
15 de April de 2018
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

If you are not that keen on the beach and you want to make the most of your holidays with alternative plans, take note of the following activities brought to you by “Ibiza Creativa”. You will find original plans in Ibiza ideal to enjoy with your friends, partner or children. Get up from your sunbed…

5 places in Ibiza where you can say I love you
1 de February de 2017
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

That´s crystal clear. Ibiza wins your love. Maybe that´s why every time and again there are more and more who choose the island to marry or – a previous step- declare themselves. If you are imagining a wedding in Ibiza with all the guests dressed in white or you want to catch by surprise your partne…

5 places in Ibiza with an ecological soul and green heart I
1 de December de 2016
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

Ibiza also has its little green heart. And bigger more and more. Year after year the list of hotels, restaurants and shops that back for the values of slow food, slow travel, sustainability and ecology is enlarging. Then we will put forward our first selection of directions in Ibiza with an eco-natu…

Three things to do on a rainy day in Ibiza
15 de September de 2016
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

Ibiza has an average of over 300 days of sunshine per year and an umbrella is rarely necessary during the months of July and August. Nevertheless, there’s always that small chance of a summer shower which will enable you to make the most of the beach, so here are a couple of suggestions so you can m…