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These are our client’s most frequently asked questions regarding car and scooter rental in Ibiza with Moto Luis. You can find more information about our services in question no. 18 about rental conditions and if you do not find an answer to your question, please do not hesitate to contact us:

You can pick up your car directly from the P1 car park at Ibiza airport, which is located in front of the arrivals terminal. Once you make the reservation you will receive a confirmation e-mail with detailed instructions on where to find us and our location on Google Maps. If you book a scooter, you will formalize the contract at this point also and collect your vehicle in a car park located outside the airport, at just a 5-10 minute walk.

All vehicles

Monday to Sunday
08.00 -19.00h: 0 €
19:00 – 22:00h: 10 €
22:00 – 01:00h: 25 €
Airport service fee: 15€, private airport fee: 40€

To book a vehicle in Ibiza you need to provide a credit card and its expiration date. Once in Ibiza, you can pay as you like. If you only have a debit card we will charge you always an extra deposit as there might be extra costs at the end of the rental such as missing fuel, extra rental days etc. The amount is for small cars 200€, medium size cars 300€ and other car categories 500€. In case you don´t take our All in One insurance you pay the excess amount + above deposit.


Our fuel policy is FULL-FULL. If you return the car with missing fuel, we charge the missing fuel + 20 € for the service of refilling (for scooters we charge the missing fuel + 10 € / service ). You have to leave the receipt from the petrol station inside the car/scooter and refuel the car maximum 10 km away from where you return it. The closest petrol station (which uses a pre-pay system) to the airport is in JORDI , keep in mind that it´s usually very busy. Go ahead of time (inform the staff that you wish to fill it up so they open the dispenser, leaving a document as a guarantee so they will let you pay at the end). Make sure the deposit is completeley full. Sometimes after the 1st click more liters will fit.

The minimum age to rent a cheap car in Ibiza with Moto Luis is 21 years old and a minimum of 2 years of experience is required. If you want to rent a scooter, you must have a regulatory driving license (A /A1) and, above all, experience driving scooters and Vespas. For other models:

– Medium cars and SUV: from 23 years of age and 3 years of driving license.

– Minivans and 9 seaters: from 25 years of age and 3 years of driving license.

– Convertibles, Jeeps, electric vehicles and luxury models: check our rental conditions (question no. 18).

You need to have a driver’s license with a minimum experience of 2 years (see question no. 5), in addition, you have to show us your ID or Passport. If your driving license was not issued in a country of the European Union or in Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein, you must also process the International Driving Permit at your place of origin.

To rent a scooter you must have experience.  You can drive the cylinder capacity allowed with your driving license according to the laws of your country.

When a client makes a reservation through our website, the server sends an automatic confirmation to the email provided during the reservation process. If you have not received our confirmation, most likely it has been blocked by the filter of your mail service: please check the spam and junk folders. If you don’t find your reservation confirmation there either, write us an email at

There is no penalty fee as long as you cancel with a minimum of 72 hours before the day of your arrival. If you do not notify with the necessary time, the cost of one day’s rent will be applied as a penalty for small and medium size cars. For all other cars the penalty is 2 day´s rent (we charge the valid desk rate in this moment)

Cancellation of reservation of automatic models, jeeps, cabrios, minivans, electric cars and other luxury cars to enjoy in the months of June, July, August and September do not suffer penalty charges as long as said reservation is cancelled before 30 days from the arrival date. For cancellations made between 30-15 days, a charge of 10% of the total cost applies, and 20% of the total for those requested less than 15 days from the day of collection, two day rental rate is the minimum always

The rental of the vehicle includes insurance to third parties, occupants and damage to the vehicle itself with a maximum amount of excess, which depending on the vehicle ranges between 250 € and 2,000 €. For peace of mind, you can take out our All in One insurance, which exempts you from the excess in the event of damage. If you do not take out this insurance and you do damage to the vehicle or it is done by a third party that does not report the insurance, you will be responsible for the amount of the repair up to the maximum limit of the amount of the excess. If there is an accident, and you present a no fault accident report and the opposite party is responsible, you will be exempt from paying said excess. All in One insurance coverage includes damage to wheels, glass breakage, 24 hour assistance, locks and body of the vehicle. You can expand this information in our Rental Conditions

The following are never covered: loss, theft or breakage of keys; loss or theft of scooter helmets or personal property stolen from the vehicles. We recommend that you never leave anything inside the vehicle to avoid theft and possible breakage of windows or locks.

If you take out our All in One insurance you will have free roadside assistance except in the event that the damage is caused by negligence, misuse or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you choose the excess option on your rental, you do not have free roadside assistance included unless the incident is due to a fault of the car. Scooters: towage and roadside assistance is never included, neither the occupants insurance.

If the return is at the airport (self service), in case of damage, the car will be photographed, without moving the vehicle from where you have returned it, considering said photographs as valid. The client will be held responsible for damages until our employee picks up the car, which will be done as soon as possible. You will recieve an email about this as soon as posible.

You must leave credit card details or, failing that, a deposit on a debit card of between 100 € – 300 €, depending on the model rented. This is required as a guarantee in case of returning it with less fuel or due to the need to apply other extras, such as an extension of rental days. The return of said deposit will take place at the end of the contract. If you rent the vehicle without taking out our All in One insurance, you will be charged in advance the excess amount, which will be returned after confirming that the car has not suffered any new damage.

Withholdings and charges made on credit and debit cards for deposit and excess concepts are returned within a maximum period of 48 hours after the return of the vehicle, as long as there are no damages or penalty charges. Please note that there are certain banks that take more days to reflect this refund in the customer’s account, especially when it comes to International transactions, which take an average of 3-5 working days.

No, although for most car rentals it would be a requirement, at Moto Luis we do not require this as our aim is to be user-friendly.

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You can read our car and scooter rental conditions in Ibiza in this PDF descargable downloadable PDF which may be printed or at any time during the booking process by clicking on the corresponding link.