5 mistakes you should avoid making when renting a car in Ibiza

26 de July de 2018
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

At Moto Luis we rent cars and scooters in Ibiza since 1956 so we offer each of our clients over six decades of experience. Our client satisfaction is very important to us, for this reason we have made this list of mistakes you should always avoid making when renting a car or a scooter. Make a note of these and enjoy a reliable rental during your holiday in Ibiza.

Car and scooter rental: mistakes you should avoid

Error #1: not confirming the total rental amount

When placing a booking and when signing a contract, the full amount has to be visible to the client, as well as all the additional services or extras with an extra cost must be detailed, such as the rental of children’s car seats, additional drivers, full insurance or personalized deliveries. At Moto Luis all our contracts show the concepts of the services contracted by the client.

At Moto Luis we detail all charges when you are making your booking.

Error #2: not revising the information regarding the rental contract

Before getting into your rental car, make sure that on the contract you are handed by the rental company both the model of the vehicle and its number plate are visible, but also the insurance you have booked, the excess you will have in case of damage and the damage that is excluded from the insurance (damage to the crankcase, damage to the wheels, loss of keys…) At Moto Luis we clearly detail all the information on the contract as well as everything which the insurance does not cover.

Revise your contract when you are picking-up your rental vehicle. Photo © Alberto Paredes / Moto Luis

Error #3: not checking the fuel charges

Many car rental companies charge you for the tank of fuel when they hand it over full, so they charge the client directly for this when you sign the contract and take the vehicle. In exchange, the client does not have to fill the tank when returning the car. At Moto Luis, we have never used this formula and we still offer the traditional method of handing you a full tank of fuel which we also ask you to return full. This way, we are not overcharging you for a tank of fuel at the beginning and you can refuel the car at the petrol station of your choice.

No fuel costs: at Moto Luis we deliver the vehicle with a full tank and the customer must return it in the same condition. © Alberto Paredes

Error #4: not checking the status of the vehicle

Before you leave the location from which you are picking up your rental vehicle, please check thoroughly the status of it and see if there is any damage, which must be visible in the rental contract. Also check the condition of the tyres and whether all the lights are working properly. At Moto Luis, our staff always check in details the status of our cars, but please do not hesitate to check as well.

Revise your vehicle when you are picking it up. © Alberto Paredes

Error #5: not being suspicious of very cheap rates

One of the most frequent mistakes that car rental users make is not being suspicious of low-cost offers and disregarding the existence of the usual hidden costs they apply. When searching for a car rental company in Ibiza or anywhere else, please always check what is included in the provided quote and what is not detailed in the commercial information. Be suspicious of those who do not offer information about fuel costs, the excess, and the cost of taking full insurance and for getting a car at a certain time or at the airport terminal. At Moto Luis we offer this information both when you make a booking on our website and also on our car rental contracts.

Follow our advice and enjoy a reliable car rental during your holiday in Ibiza. Photo © Alberto Paredes / Moto Luis


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