Hotels in Ibiza that don’t close in winter II
30 de November de 2019
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A growing number of travellers want to find out what hotels in Ibiza stay open all year round. What is the reason? The island is an ideal destination for those who want to enjoy the beauty and possibilities that Ibiza offers in winter. During these months, daily temperatures are usually mild and eve…

5 small hotels in Ibiza that will make you feel at home
5 de March de 2018
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One of the best features your accommodation can have is exceptional customer service, one which is honest and really does make an effort to help make your stay as pleasant as possible. On our next selection we recommend five small hotels in Ibiza where you will be made to feel at home, as if you wer…

10 Ibiza hotels that don’t close in Winter
15 de February de 2017
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Believe us when we tell you that Ibiza in Winter makes you love it. During these months, when the daylight temperatures are tempered, the island offers the perfect time to enjoy its routes for hiking and mountain biking, museums, the home cooking of a livetime and its most spectacular sunsets.A whol…

5 Rural hotels on the north – The most intimate Ibiza
21 de January de 2017
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The north of the island still keeps the relaxed and free spirit that made Ibiza well-known, without neither ambitions nor tricks. You will find ecological conscience, farming filds in charge of the same families since the old times, lifelong bars that still are the meeting point, quality cuisine and…

Three unique hotels in Ibiza where sleeping is not the most important thing
27 de October de 2016
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The following selection of hotels in Ibiza is thought for travellers who are allergic to predictable accommodations. In any of them you can imagen how the day will begin, but not how it will end. There will be of your taste if you are looking for design, festive ambiance, a lot –yes, a lot- of perso…

Ibiza’s beaches – Cala Gracio y Cala Gracioneta
16 de August de 2014
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On the West coast of Ibiza, in the North of San Antonio, you will find Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta, two stunning unspoilt beaches which are ideal for families to visit, as their seabeds, with gentle slopes and fine sand are very safe for young children. And if you are staying in town, they will…