Ibiza’s beaches – Cala Gracio y Cala Gracioneta

16 de August de 2014
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On the West coast of Ibiza, in the North of San Antonio, you will find Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta, two stunning unspoilt beaches which are ideal for families to visit, as their seabeds, with gentle slopes and fine sand are very safe for young children.
And if you are staying in town, they will be very nearby! Less than a five minute drive separates the centre of San Antonio from Cala Gració and Cala Gracioneta beaches. You can even take a nice walk along the coast to get there  from Caló des Moro which is another small beach. However, your car has to be parked at Cala Gració as Cala Gracioneta only has access on foot along the coast, following the path that begins at the shipyard used to store small boats on Cala Gració (unless you book a table on the beach club located on this small beach, in which case they will allow access onto the beach through their facilities). Cala Gració has a width of 80 metres and Cala Gracioneta’s is less than 40 metres, but they are both well known for their turquoise waters and for the pine trees and junipers which surround them, as well as for their rocky outskirts and their beautiful views of Conillera islet.

Cala Gracio Ibiza beach
Cala Gracio, one of the beaches of Ibiza accesible for handicaped travellers.

Cala Gració or Cala Gracioneta? 5 reasons for you to decide
1. If you are travelling with children… Cala Gració. Why?: Although they are both like true natural pools, at the first one you will find it easy to park, there’s a larger sure for them to play on, you will find an unsofisticated beach bar where you will be able to eat or purchase refreshments or ice-creams and it has no background music. Also, you can take a nap in the shade under one of its pine trees.
2. If you are travelling as a couple… Cala Gracioneta. Why? At certain points of the day it offers more privacy than its neighbour beach, especially if you visit it during the months of May, June, September and October. And it offers a better view of the sunset too.
3. If you can’t stand jellyfish… Cala Gracioneta. Due to its orientation, it usually avoids getting jellyfish, which on breezy days tend to end up on Cala Gració if the wind is blowing from the North-West. Having said that, this doesn’t mean that it always avoids getting jellyfish, but most of the time it is the case as stated 🙂
4. If you enjoy going for a walk… either of them. From both beaches you can enjoy lovely walks to the nearby capes, such as Cap Blanc (on the left of Cala Gració) or Cap Negret (on the right of Cala Gracioneta).
5. If you or your companion are in a wheelchair… Cala Gració. Cala Gració has a special ramp that reaches the sure, it also has a specially adapted restroom and it is equipped with an amphibious chair which can be submerged into the water for you to enjoy a fantastic day out at the beach.


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