Fundrasing campaing: “Cáritas” Food Bank

29 de June de 2021
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

Just like every summer, at Moto Luis we are launching a fundraising campaign for a charity organisation that works in Ibiza. This year we want to help our local food bank that belongs to the NGO “Cáritas”, this charity especially helps those people for whom the pandemic has brought economic hardship.

For this reason we are calling out to our clients to join our new donation campaign with which they can collaborate in a charitable initiative that positively influences local people, this being one of the main actions that defines sustainable tourism.

donativos banco alimentos ibiza 2021
Picture from Cáritas

How can you help the “Cáritas” food bank?

To collaborate with Cáritas you only have hire your car in Ibiza with Moto Luis. If you rent your vehicle through the website, you will find in the extras field an option to donate 10 € to the Cáritas Food Bank. It’s easy, isn’t it? And if you prefer to book over the phone or by e-mail, you just have to let us know that you want to take part in our fundraising campaign by giving as little as €10 or as much as you desire. The amount donated will go entirely to the association and, at the end of the season, we will post on our blog and on our social media accounts the final amount donated to Cáritas.

How does Moto Luis donate?

Each time a client makes a donation, Moto Luis also contributes by donating the same amount to the Food Bank. So if you donate 10 € when you make your reservation, we will donate another 10 € too. That way, the association will receive a total donation which will amount to double the money donated by our clients. The more you donate, the more we will donate and, in consequence, the more the organisation will receive.

Until when can you donate?

The donation campaign will be running until 31st October. A few days later, and as soon as we have formalized the donation, we will post a news item on our blog to let you know the amount donated by our clients and by Moto Luis, along with a photograph to show the handover of the cheque.

APNEEF, Moto Luis, turismo solidario, turismo sostenible, alquiler de coches en Ibiza
Moto Luis gave 2,500 euros to APNEEF after the summer donation campaign

Solidarity thanks to you

In the last four years, our fundraising campaigns have helped breast cancer investigation Asociación de Cáncer de Mama Metastásico (600 €), Proyecto Juntos (1.600 €),  Centro de Menores Hogar del Remei (2018, 1.000 €) and the Disneyland Paris campaign of APNEEF (2017, 2.500 €). We hope that this summer we can all exceed these figures and make a generous donation to help families who are suffering due to the economic consequences of the pandemic. Thank you very much for your contribution!

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