5 places in Ibiza where you can say I love you

1 de February de 2017
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That´s crystal clear. Ibiza wins your love. Maybe that´s why every time and again there are more and more who choose the island to marry or – a previous step- declare themselves. If you are imagining a wedding in Ibiza with all the guests dressed in white or you want to catch by surprise your partner with a romantic declaration of love, write down the following positions.

The Hanging Waterfalls

Coordinates: 39.078813, 1.420200

It´s impossible that it doesn´t spring forth a love fit – and of passion- after enjoying the incredible spa tour The Hanging Waterfalls of Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena. Their views over the north coast cliffs are really amazing, even more if you enjoy the circuit when the sun sets. If you want that the moment is really unforgettable and you have no limit on your budget, we recommend you to book the Eden room that has Jacuzzi with views to the cliffs.

Es Cubells Church

Coordinates: 38.881273, 1.272245

Put out to the sea and to the spectacular cliffs that appear on the most southern side of the island, The Nuestra Señora del Carmen churh is beyond of a doubt one of the nicest settlement where to say “Yes, I do”. Simple and small, such as most of the parishes of Ibiza, moreover it takes profit of the almost intimate air of Es Cubells town, just a little group of houses around the church´s square. Pure love.

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Es Cubells, Ibiza – (c) Marta Frutos

Bar Can Berri

Coordinates: 38.941043, 1.293867

Its garden promotes the romance. Intimate, illuminated with just the enough light and shading with pomegranate trees. Anything else? The staff, the informal but caring handling appears when it is needed and it is not flying over other people´s conversations. The best for a supper with a lot of caress and a declaration of love in between. Or for a conquest that starts a new love story…Furthermore, if you need some help or a mutual understanding of Bar Can Berri´s staff, you can count on it. It´s not the first time that we recommend this restaurant in Sant Agustí, we know that, but it´s because me are very fans of them…

Babylon Beach

Coordinates: 38.990087, 1.548283

If you want that the sea waves provide your declaration´s soundtrack, book this charming beach club located close to Santa Eulària des Riu. During the day the Babylon Beach´s ambient is quite familiar, but when the night falls everything acquires a more romantic tone. You can have dinner on a little table by the sea or arrive later, order one of their delicious cocktails and allow the magic of the night to do the rest. A piece of advice: better, full moon.

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View over Es Vedra – (c) Nuria Cortes

With views to Es Vedrà

It can seem it is not innovative because it´s well-known, but it´s absolutely infallible. Romantic 100 %. The advantage of putting this magic small island on the scenary is that you don´t have to go necessarily to a single place, because Es Vedrà can be seen from many settlements. We recommend you:

  • Cala d´Hort quay in autumn.
  • Es Vedrà cliffs, from any point from Cala d´Hort the natural terrace located under Torre des Savinar (Es Savinar Tower).
  • From Torre des Savinar or from the cave you will find on your way to it.
  • Cala Llentia
  • On the sea, from a sailing boat hired for the occasion.

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