Hicking in Ibiza: Route that will show you the best views of Sant Antoni

21 de November de 2016
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This time we´re going to encourage you to park your car for a while and get out to do hicking in Ibiza. That´s right, we want you to find out the stretch that joins Sant Antoni de Portmany harbor with lovely Cala Salada, a nice coastal trip that it is really a balcony over the western coast of Ibiza. You don´t have any excuse to forget your trainers at home anymore…Don´t be lazy!

Hicking route Sant Antoni de Portmany – Cala Salada.

Why do we recomend it to you?

  • This hicking route in Ibiza links Sant Antoni centre with Cala Salada trough a circular track with almost no difficulty and with a total length of a little more than 12 km.
  • It´s perfect to link I with a picnic in Cala Salada.
  • During all the search you can enjoy fantastic panoramic views over the bay, Conillera Island, the coast and the outline of Cap Nonó.
  • If the weather is for bathing, the route provides you with the opportunity to go for a dip in Caló des Moro, Cala Gració, Cala Gracioneta, Punta Galera, Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta.
  • If you do it in the afternoon, returning you can see the sunset from Aquarium Cap Blanc or from Hostal La Torre.

Hiking in Ibiza - Moto Luis Rent a Car Ibiza
Hiking in Ibiza along West coast – © Nuria Cortés

Don´t get lost in…

  • In Punta Galera the path continues, a bit hidden away, through some fishing huts located at the south of a little cove. Go down there, cross to the other side of the cove and follow the path.
  • Pass Punta Galera, you have to keep going close to the coast till the wall of a house makes you take a road. Take it and continue. In a few metres you can see a hut made of concrete with a graffiti and a path. Don´t take it. You have to continue and turn left in the next fork. The track left you can do it through this way, that creeps till it arrives to restaurant Cala Salada, located in one of the outermost are of the beach with the same name.

Technical specifications

  • Starting point: Sant Antoni de Portmany port.
  • Estimated time: between 3 and 3 and a half hours.
  • Distance: 12.3 Kilometres.
  • Drop: 77 metres.
  • Circular route.
  • Bringing sunscreen and a cap during throughout the year and windbreaker in autumn, winther and spring is advised. Drinking water and provisions too.

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