Hiking in Ibiza: Cala Bassa – Platges de Comte

6 de June de 2017
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When the heat stops squeezing is the right time to put on your boots and go hiking in Ibiza, an activity that not only benefits the body but also discovers the most natural and virgin side of the island. Such is the case of this beautiful route that we propose and that links two of the most spectacular and well-known of Ibiza: Cala Bassa and platges de Comte.A beautiful tour that travels almost entirely by sea, offering fantastic views over this part of the Ibiza coast.

Hiking route Cala Bassa-Platges de Comte

Why do we recommend it?

  • This hiking route in Ibiza links two of the nicest virgin beaches on the island in a tour of about 3km length in each direction and low difficulty.
  • It is perfect to combine it with a picnic in Platges de Comte or Cala Bassa, depending on the direction you follow.

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Hiking route in IbizaCala Bassa – Platges de Comte. © Nuria Cortés

  • During practically the entire journey you have fantastic panoramics over the islets of Sa Conillera and S´Illa des Bosc, Sant Antoni coast and the profile of the Cape Nonó appearing in a most distant plane.
  • If bath time, the route offers the opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved dip in both beaches.
  • From May to October there are two regular lines of bus that links both beaches with Sant Antoni, which allows to arrive to one of them and take it again in the other beach, without need to rebuild the way back.
  • The route pass by d´en Rovira Tower, one of the defensive watchtowers rised around the Ibiza coast. The views from this settlement are wonderful.

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View over Sa Conillera island, the islet of S´Illa des Bosc and, ultimately, the group of islets known as Ses Bledes. © Nuria Cortés

Data sheet

  • Starting point: Cala Bassa or Platges de Comte
  • Estimated time: 1.30 h in each direction.
  • Distance: 2.7 Km in each direction. You can add a kilometer if at the beginning of the route you include El Cap de la Bassa in it. If so, don´t take the path that starts by the most small snack bar on the cove but follow the way by the cost, bordering it.
  • We recommend to bring sunscreen and cap throughout the year and windbreak in Autumn, Winter and Spring. Water and provisions too.

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Hiking route in Ibiza Cala Bassa – Platges de Comte


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