Where to see the most beautiful sunsets in Ibiza

3 de June de 2016
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If you’re a regular visitor to the island, you probably already have your favorite corner to watch the spectacular sunsets of Ibiza. But if it’s your first time, it aims well the following coordinates and enjoy each day a different sunset. Do not settle for the first.The more you see, the better. In Ibiza, every sunset is unique, especially if you change the scenary. Enjoy! 1. Platjes de Comte

Coordenates: 38.962903, 1.220170

Área: West

Essential. One of the best places to enjoy the sunsets of Ibiza. And throughout the year. Thanks to its orientation, any month of the year is good to approach this beautiful set of coves. Calls Platges de Comte or Cala Conta, from them you can see the islets of Sa Conillera, des Bosc and the set of islets of Poniente . And its waters are among the most spectacular of the island.

2. Ses Variades

Coordenates: 38.980153, 1.296272

Area: West

All a classic. From May to October, this stretch of the promenade of Sant Antoni is encouraged at sunset, when the best chill-out music of Café del Mar, Café Mambo and other sounds. After sunset, electronic music takes over and the atmosphere becomes even more festive. During July and August, this section concentrates a large number of attendees, so if you do not like crowds better walk to Caló des Moro, much quieter.

Sunset from Cafe del Mar
Sunset from Cafe del Mar

3. Cap Negret

Coordenadas: 38.997833, 1.284706

Area: West

You can enjoy the sunset from the viewpoint or find your new favorite spot on the cliff. From here you can not only see the islets of Conillera and des Bosc, (south) but also the imposing out Nonó (northbound). And if you want to have a drink, you will find the Hostal La Torre. For romantics.

4. Cala Benirrás

Coordenates: 39.090070, 1.453967

Área: north

Another essential sun setting, with the iconic island of Es Cap Bernatin the background. In summer, on Sundays and full moon day concentrated a large number of attendees who come to enjoy the sunset to the beat of drums. An event that becomes crowded during the months of july and august.

Cala d'Hort
Sunset and Es Vedrá – © Nuria Cortés

  1. Cala d´Hort

Coordenates: 38.876168, 1.227908

Área: west

This opens natural platform on the cliff is one of the best viewpoints of the island, because from it you have a spectacular view on the famous island of Es Vedra, one of the representations of Ibiza. Although the sunset is best seen during the autumn, winter and spring, summer also worth a visit to this point. From this point you can climb to the Torre des Savinar. If looking for privacy , between the beach cove d’Hort this platform and numerous corners where watching the sunset alone.

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