Ibiza, more than just dance music: other plans, other sounds

14 de May de 2018
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In Ibiza not everything is electronic music. And not all organized summer events evolve around a synthesiser. A good example of this is the festival “Sueños de Libertad” (Freedom Dreams), this year it will be its third year running and it is best known for its diverse sounds. As well as this musical event that takes place mid-May, there are other places you should include on your list when heading towards Ibiza. If you are asking yourself where to go out in Ibiza when you dislike dance music, pay attention to this route for different sounds on the island.

“Sueños de Libertad” Festival

This music festival’s third edition is changing its location, so this year it won’t be in San Antonio but in Ibiza city. From 17th May to 19th May, there will be a diverse group of artists, which is a great display of their variety of sounds. Amongst others, they will have as guests: The Original Wailers, Orishas, Loquillo, Buika, Carmen Boza, Fantastic Negrito and Shawn James. These concerts will take place at three different venues: at Ibiza’s “Baluard de Santa Llucia” in the old part near the cathedral, at Ibiza’s port and at “Vara de Rey” square. You will find all the information regarding tickets and performing artists on their website.

The Dreams of Freedom Festival will be held this year in the historic center of the city of Ibiza © Sueños de Libertad

Other music festivals in Ibiza

During the season, other festivals take place on the island, including rock, pop, reggae, jazz and classical music:

Ibiza Reggae Festival: at the beginning of August, “Las Dalias” (in Sant Carles) hosts this reggae sound festival; in 2018 for five years running.

Flavours of India: at the end of August, Sant Carles hosts this small festival to showcase a selection of Indian traditional music and Indian dances.

International Music Festival and Piano Contest: this event is celebrated in Sant Carles every two years during the months of August and September and it brings to Ibiza some of the most outstanding piano players at present. Next edition will be during the summer of 2019.

Ibiza Jazz Festival: between August and September, depending on the year, at the “baluart de Santa Llucia” in Ibiza city, this jazz festival has become one of the most iconic cultural events on the island. This year will be its 30th anniversary, a very special one which will most likely show on its programme.

Eivissa Jazz Festival is one of the classics in the Ibiza summer music program © Eivissa Jazz Festival

Back to School Festival: it is celebrated in Sant Jordi during September’s last weekend and its programme includes local rock band performances and those of bands from other parts of the country.

Where to go if you are allergic to dance music

In Ibiza it’s not all about clubs with dance music. If you like rock and live music, you can’t miss out on this summer’s events at Ibiza Rocks Hotel, which this year starts on 1st June with the performance of Rudimental. This venue in San Antonio is a reference for world renowned artists. If you are looking for national rock (from Spain), go to Can Jordi on Friday nights and Saturdays at lunch time, you will find it on the road connecting Ibiza city to Sant Josep.

The rock and pop concerts of Ibiza Rocks Hotel are a must stop on the non-clubber stage of Ibiza © Ibiza Rocks Hotel

Another important event for you to dance non-stop to pop and rock is “Children of the 80’s”, a party that takes place every Friday during the summer at Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza (in Platja den Bossa). If, however, you want something with a bit more privacy you might want to listen to live music at “Sa Qüestió”, where you can listen to rock, funk, soul and jazz artists.


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