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2 de May de 2016
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

Read the reviews and experiences of customers who discover Ibiza with our cars. Any question about our services, tariffs or vehicle models do not hesitate to contact us through the web, by phone (+34 971 340 765) or through our Facebook.

Marco Magni, Magniflex, Italy

For about 10 years ,we rent one of the Jeep Wranglers of Moto Luis every summer. I always get the delivery by the same kind employees, which I particularly like. Always the best price and family service. All my love for the team until the next season.

Hendrik Knoop, Germany

I love Moto Luis! I found this company in 2006 and have since led to enjoying there confidence, professionalism and, above all, personal service and competitive prices. Special mention for Cora and Marta for their personal and dynamic touch. Eager to repeat on my next trip to Ibiza.

Stéphane Lapiquonne, France

Motoluis is a rent a car seriously committed to customer-satisfaction always try to meet with the greatest objectivity and diligence customer requests; or at least with me it has been. In response to my concerns and requests.

Jose Reyes Verdugo, Sevilla

We work every season with Moto Luis since 2001. Their treatment is familiar, authentic Ibiza, as in the times to be treated like family is invaluable …… and the value is very good.

Rent a car Ibiza Moto Luis
Moto Luis Rent a Car Ibiza © Moto Luis


Maria Sanchez, Space, Ibiza

I’ve spent years using the services of Moto Luis. I like this company, the very personal attention and friendliness of the people they serve me. I’ve never had a problem with their cars. The secret may be that it is a very professional family business. I’ll keep them in mind for the future.

Mr. Jesus Chapel, Madrid

We have rented a car with Moto Luis on several occasions now and have always done their best to get us the car we needed, plus staff is very nice and helping treatment.

Bertram Beerbaum, Netherlands

Rent a car in Motoluis is simple and affordable and on arrival the car is prepared in optimum conditions. A contract clear / transparent rent, no small print. A company where the customer is still the most important.

Jaap van Zevenbergen, Netherlands

My experience with Moto Luis was beautiful. I hired them and two years and I will rent for the third year in 2012. The car is always clean and waiting for me at the Ibiza airport. Also returning to the airport is very easy. I recommend everyone to rent with Moto Luis, have a great and fast service.

GAL-Ghanem Ghanem, Kuwait

I am a customer of Moto Luis for many years, it is a car rental that always gives good service and good prices. Moto Luis always put the customer first and that is why I always come back to rent them. Soon I will contact them again when summer starts now.


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