Popcorn and outdoor cinema evenings

25 de July de 2016
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

Popcorn, refreshments, a good film and the best cinema in Ibiza: Dalt Vila. This is the fantastic plan which we are suggesting for you on a summer night. Enjoying an outdoor cinema session on the Sant Pere bastion itself, next to the “plaza del Sol” (Sol square). Are you up for it? Many of us are transported back to the summers of our childhoods and teenage years when we think of outdoor cinemas, we remember those long nights when everything was special. It reminds us of our holidays. It might also bring back these familiar memories to you or you may have never had the pleasure of enjoying this experience before. Whatever the answer might be in your case, you will love Cinema Paradiso Ibiza’s proposal either way. Because, who wouldn’t want to enjoy watching a film while comfortably relaxing on a luxury pouffe, during a cool evening and with a World Heritage wall as a background?

Cinema Paradiso Ibiza
Cinema Paradiso Ibiza

If this plan takes your fancy as much it does ours, you can check the upcoming screenings (films and schedules) programmed until the end of September and you may also book your tickets directly on the Cinema Paradiso Ibiza website. Seats are limited, so don’t risk missing out on the possibility of purchasing your ticket for this such special plan. This summer Cinema Paradiso Ibiza has programmed a weekly session, usually set for Thursday nights. Their chosen screenings include both newly released films and classic films from past decades. Truman, Saturday Night Fever, Little Miss Sunshine, The Big Short, Trumbo, Scarface or The Godfather are some of the films that will be screened at the Sant Pere bastion.


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