The hidden Ibiza: the small village of Balàfia

2 de January de 2017
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Hiring a car in Ibiza allows you to find out the treasures that keep away from the main touristic centres. Such us the little village of Balàfia, an architectural set unique on Ibiza whose historical value deserved to be declared of cultural Interest. If you are interested in architecture, get into the car and head towards Sant Llorenç de Balàfia, in which vicinity you will find this interesting settlement.

It is difficult dating the origins of Balàfia as there is not much information about the settlement, although it is known that at the beginning of XVIII Century it claimed the construction of a temple, that finally it was built in Sant Joan. However, the interest really lies in its disposition, where the peasant houses make up an authentic compact town unlike the traditional peasant settlements, scattered and self-suficient. The set, unique on the island, is made up half a dozen of living places, two trulls or oil mills and two refuge towers, as well as old pens and farming fields.

Balàfia Ibiza rent a car Ibiza
Baàafia. © Nuria Cortés

Perfectly adapted to the terrain, all the houses faithfully maintain the own elements of the traditional architecture from Ibiza: little windows, clay flat roofs, cubic volumes juxtaposted, bread ovens…The two towers, of conical cylindrical body, were built to serve as a refuge to the house dwellers in case of pirate attacks.

This set is a private property, that’s why we recommend discretion and respect while strolling around it. Entering the houses is not allowed, but you can surround the village and walk through one of its streets, from where you can see close up one of its towers.

Coordinates: 39.0324641,1.4819113

Area: North Centre

How to get there: the road that leads to this architectural set starts from Sant Josep road, almost just in front of the crossing that leads to Sant Carles. A signal indicates the exit to arrive to this settlement.

A piece of advice: Organize your visit to eat before or after in the near restaurant Es Pins (Ctra. Sant Joan, km, 14). It is familiar, traditional, cheap and they will serve you at the table a really tasty all i oli.


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