The Black Weekend arrives in Moto Luis

24 de November de 2017
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza


All the bookings made in our website from 24th November from 09:00h till same time on 27th November will get an automatic discount of 20%.

Who can take profit of Black Weekend’s offer?

New clients and repeat clients that make their booking through our web. Por that you only have to include the promotional code BFRIDAY during the booking process.

Car rental Ibiza black friday offers airport

When does the Black Weekend become effective?

In the very moment that you make the rental car booking the discount will aply. The booking confirmation will be sent to the client as soon as possible through the email you provide us with during the booking process.

What kind of cars and scooters benefit from this offer?

All our available vehicles for the required dates during the booking are included in the special offer, either cars or motos. In the same way, the offer will apply independently of the rental length.

Car rental Ibiza black friday offers airport
Get a good car rental for your holidays in Ibiza © Romina

Reserve now and get closer to your next holidays in Ibiza

If you already know the dates of your holidays in Ibiza, do not hesitate and take profit of our Black Weekend offer, and excellent oportunity to spare in your next car rental in Ibiza. And when the dates of your trip get closer, do not forget to visit our blog, where you will find a lot of suggestions and recomentations about where to eat in Ibiza, what routes to travel, where to contemplate the sunset and which are the nicest beaches on the island.


If you still do not have clear if you need to rent a car during your holidays in Ibiza, get to know in this post the advantages of arriving in the island with your rental already booked.


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