Find out Es Vedrà in three plans, two legends and a paella.

12 de June de 2017
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One of the most photographed images of Ibiza is precisely out of it but only for a few metres. It´s the rocky ensemble that knock into shape the little islands of Es Vedrà and Es Vedranell. Although there are two of them, is the biggest, Es Vedrà, the one that has all the fame thanks to its peculiar and impressive outline.An icon from Ibiza that not only sticks out in the nearness but also stands out when driving inland and, suddenly, its silhouette appears in front of your eyes after climbing a slope or taking a bend.

The Legends of Es Vedrà

But it´s not only its undeniable beauty what made it so famous. From latest XIX Century, and because of its special magnetism, it has been linked with paranormal phenomenal and sightings. That´s what the Carmelite missionary Francisco Palau claimed, who in that time maintained that during his solitary retirement in Es Vedrà he had seen celestial beings and Ladies of Light. What possibly were mystical metaphors have encouraged the belief that the crags send out a special energy that, according to sailors, sometimes drives the control knobs needles cracy.

es vedra island Ibiza rent a car hire a car
Es Vedrá and Es Vedranell islets and Savinar Tower, Ibiza. ©

Almost a century after, in 1979, a strange case, made by a commercial plane that was addressed to Gran Canaria from Mallorca increased the islet´s legend: The Manises document. During this event, from the cabin, information about an aircraft that broadcasted red lights in the proximities of the plane was asked. At that very moment the plane was between the channel that separate Dénia from Ibiza. The control tower of Barcelona informed that there were no other flights on the way, but the pilot finally decided to land in Valencia´s airport due to the even closeness of the of said red lights.

Three plans for finding out Es Vedrà

  1. By car: Go direction to Sant Josep and from there onwards follow the signs to Cala d´Hort. From the very cove you will enjoy wonderful views over E Vedrá. But if you want to reach the perspective that you see in all the promotional pictures, take the way that departs from this point, park your car and walk till the cliff. Pay attention. We remind you that any insurance covers the damage to the undercarriage of the car, so drive carefully. It´s also essential keep respect for the environment and not leaving litter, butts or something similar. If you want to be there by your own go at any time but the twilight. And if you get there at midday, don´t forget to order a paella in El Carmen (views are included), located at the very Cala d´Hort.

    es Vedera island Ibiza hire a car rent a car
    Es Vedrá from Cala d’Hort, Ibiza © Isaac García
  2. By boat: several enterprises offer trips to Es Vedrà, during them you find out new nice corners of the western coast of Ibiza. You can already book your maritime trip with Ulises Cat, Cruceros Portmany or Nautilus Ibiza.
  3. With a guided visit: both islets belong to the natural reserve of Es Vedrà, Es Vedranell and the West Islets. Located along the western and southwestern coast, this outfit shows a great natural value because of being home to several vegetal endemisms adapted to the constant influence of the sea and the wind over them and the land where they grow.
  4. The best way to value properly their natural importance is signing up to the guided visits that punctually organize the reservation management office (Tel: 971 17 76 88). You can also check the activities on Reservas Naturales de Es Vedrá, Es Vedranell y los islotes de Ponient Facebook.


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