Don’t go away from Ibiza without…trying the “flaó”

15 de April de 2016
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The menu of traditional cuisine restaurants always include in the desserts section the “flaó”, a typical and delicious dessert from Ibiza that you have to try. Round shape, the filling of this cake is made with soft sheep and goat cheese, eggs, sugar and mint leaves A very peculiar combination that surprises everyone! It is recommended to accompany the piece of “flaó” with a shot of “frígola”, a liquor made with thyme.

Where can you try it?

If you want to enjoy of a good “flaó” at dessert time, take note of the following directions, where they serve some of the best on the island.

  • Can Costa: in this simple restaurant you will find not only tasty home-made dishes but also a delicious “flaó”. C/ Sa Creu, 19. Tel. 971 310 865.
  • Cana Anneta: Either after eating or at a stop for coffee, do not forget to try their “flaó”. And also their delicious hierbas ibicencas! Sant Carles de Peralta, next to the church. Tel. 971 335 090.
  • Es Rebost de Can Prats: At this restaurant in Sant Antoni specialized in traditional cuisine of Ibiza you could not miss the delicious “flaó”. C/ Cervantes, 4. Tel. 971 346 252

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Ca n’Anneta – Sant Carles de Peralta, Ibiza. © Nuria Cortés

Where can you buy it?

  • Forn Can Bufí: it is probably the “flaó” that you have more at hand, as they have shops in Sant Antoni, Eivissa, Santa Eulària and Santa Gertrudis.
  • La Canela: in this excellent patisserie located downtown Ibiza you can buy all the traditional sweets of the island, including the “flaó”. C/ Aragón, 54. Tel. 971 305 040.
  • Comestibles s´Hort Veí de Sempre: in this shop of Ibiza town you will find the “flaó” that makes Forn des Tabaquet, a bake house with a lot of tradition in the island. C/ Vicente Serra i Orvay, 4. Tel. 971 313 980.


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