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15 de September de 2017
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Our island has an ample gastronomical offer for tourists, which includes both familiar flavours and also the most exotic ones. This tasty menu must contain traditional pintxos and Spanish tapas, gastronomic miniature versions that are sometimes delicious gourmet appetizers. Our recommendation consists of 5 restaurants in Ibiza where you will be able to have dinner with this variety of bite-size dishes.

Tapa or pintxo?

Although it is true that most tourists who don’t have the pleasure of having a taste for tapas in their DNA more or less know what a Spanish tapa is, not that many know what a pintxo is. If you are amongst this group of people, here are the main differences:
– A tapa is small plate with a more or less generous serving of a wide variety of foods depending on the restaurant and the Spanish region where it is served: it may contain cured meats, a stew, a portion of potato omelette, croquettes or something so elaborately prepared it could well be a main course. Some are simple and, lately, many are more sophisticated and creative.

tapas route Ibiza rent a car
Sa Vila, Ibiza

– A pintxo is originally from the North of Spain and is composed of a base of bread topped by diverse preparations held together with a toothpick. Some are very basic whereas others are not and you will find them also hot or cold with both vegetarian or meat options, traditional and creative, with fish, meat or seafood… the limit is the chef’s imagination.

5 places in Ibiza where you can eat tapas or pintxos

Can Terra
This restaurant is located not too far from the Vara de Rey square and it is amongst Ibiza’s most famous places where you can eat pintxos. For many, they are the best ones on the island. As it is so popular, we recommend you get there early or be very patient. Web

It has opened its doors for the first time this summer and on its menu you will find careful finished Spanish tapas with a personal touch such as potato salad, clams, salmorejo, bravas or chicken wings in a marinade. Web

reart restaurant tapas pintxos ibiza gastronomy
Re.art, Ibiza

La Bodega Ibiza
Its location is next to the ramp which leads to “Portal de Ses Taules”, this place is one of the best spots in the Marina area to go out for tapas and to try dishes to share. They have classic options like Galician octopus or chorizo marinated in cider, but also international options such as ceviche. Web

Sa Vida
Not too far away from Re.Art is where this restaurant sits and, on its menu, there are delicious and creative tapas such as tempura aubergines, vegetable dumplings, blackpudding or cod “coal”. They also have a very good selection of national wines. Web

La Cava
Next to Vara de Rey square, this place has just been completely renewed both in decoration and in the kitchen. On the menu there is a fantastic selection of delicious tapas and small seasonal dishes, some of which are sometimes home-made smoked and pickling. You will like their potato salad, their pastrami bagels and their pork ribs. Web

tapas route Ibiza La Cava
La Cava, Ibiza © Alba Haut/La Cava Ibiza

Cover’s picture: Alba Haut/La Cava Ibiza


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