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15 de March de 2016
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

Read the reviews and experiences of customers who discover Ibiza with our cars. Any question about our services, tariffs or vehicle models do not hesitate to contact us through the web, by phone (+34 971 340 765) or through our Facebook.

Richard & Susan Griffith, United Kingdom

We have used Moto Luis for car hire in Ibiza from approx ago. 10 years and always received excellent service. Very important it has always been quick service at the time of arrival and collection and courteous and friendly attention of the whole team.

Mads Kornerup, owner of Shamballa Jewels, Denmark

Moto Luis is my car hire in Ibiza preferred from the last 5 years. They have reasonable prices and excellent service, the cars are clean and in perfect condition. We once had a problem with the electronic key and we where in the middle of the island; Moto Luis then sent us a mechanic at the time. Moto Luis thank you very much for being there for our family.

Enrique Hoppenbrouwers, Barcelona

I like Moto Luis !!! Without doubt, they give the best service. fast and convenient airport pickup, clean and modern cars and very competitive prices. I can not ask for more…

Ståle Jacobsen, Norway

I finally bought a house in Ibiza, so I’ve been in 2011 about 5 times on the island and have always booked with Moto Luis. In my experience, the overall service, delivery and collection, pricing and professionalism Moto Luis is definitely the number 1 in rentals in Ibiza. I have very clear which hire car I will recommend to my friends and acquaintances. Have a good time in Ibiza.

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