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7 de February de 2019
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

At Moto Luis we believe that renting a car in Ibiza with a full-full policy is the preferred option for travellers who decide to rent a car during their holidays on the island. Below, we will explain the advantages of this service that Moto Luis offers, which is one of the reasons why many clients choose us every year as their favourite car and scooter rental company in Ibiza.

We provide your car in Ibiza with a full to full fuel policy

One of the most important clauses of a car rental contract is the one referring to the fuel policy. However, it usually goes unnoticed by clients. In fact, most travellers who rent cars for their holiday find an unpleasant surprise when they pick up their rental car, as they face additional charges for fuel or a full to empty policy that forces you to calculate the fuel you must return and you often lose out or could even run out of fuel on your way back if you miscalculate.

car rental in ibiza with full-full
We deliver in the parking lot of the airport of Ibiza with a full tank and you have to return full – Foto © Alberto Paredes / Moto Luis

At Moto Luis we are not fond of these methods because we believe that clients should enjoy their holiday and things should be made easy for their satisfaction. For this reason we only work with a full to full policy so, if you have a rental with us, we will provide your vehicle full of fuel and you will have to return it the same way. Therefore, you will only pay at the petrol station for what you have used and not for a single drop more.

What happens if you run out of time to fill the tank?

Sometimes, our clients have no time to spare on their way back to the airport and they prefer not to stop at the petrol station to fill the tank of fuel. When this happens, we charge the client’s credit card for the missing fuel plus 15 euros service.

Where is the nearest petrol station to Ibiza’s airport?

In order for you to make the most of your rental car in Ibiza with a full to full tank of fuel, with no extra costs, it will be useful for you to know that the nearest petrol station to the airport is on the Eivissa-Airport road. Beware! To reach it you will have to:

  1. Take the exit that says Platja de Ses Salines/Es Cavallet – Sa Canal
  2. At the roundabout, take the Sant Jordi/industrial area exit.
  3. At the next roundabout, take the exit which leads you to the old airport road and to the petrol station.

nearest gas station to the airport of Ibiza
Tour to get to the closest gas station to the airport in Ibiza.

Map with the nearest petrol stations to Ibiza’s airport

You can also fill the tank of fuel at other petrol stations such as the ones located at each end of the San Antonio road (Sant Josep road and Eivissa road), the one in Sant Josep de sa Talaia or the ones in Ibiza city area. Here are the nearest petrol stations to the airport.

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