Getting to know Ibiza’s beaches: Caló d’en Serra

30 de May de 2018
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Caló d’en Serra is one of the beaches located in the north of Ibiza, a little gem in the heart of Sant Joan’s rugged coast. Renting a car and exploring this part of the island is one of our top recommendations if you wish to get to know the most unspoilt areas of Ibiza.

Caló d’en Serra

Until not too long ago, Caló d’en Serra was unknown to most tourists that arrived to the island, even to regular ones. Once it was listed on a few guides it lost its anonymity, although it is still a very quiet beach with fishermen and mostly visited by couples and families with children who are spending their holiday in the area. Parking area is reduced and you have to go down a steep hill to reach the shore, so it is not advised for people with reduced mobility or families with a pushchair.

The north coast of Ibiza has places with enchanting surroundings, such as Caló d’en Serra © NC / Moto Luis

You will like Caló d’en Serra if…

  1. You are searching for peace and quiet.
  2. You don’t want to be near a beach club. At Caló d’en Serra you can read quietly or listen to the waves.
  3. You want privacy: if you swim around the rocks of its right hand side, you will get to a smaller beach that can only be accessed by sea.
  4. You like places that have a special charm to them: one of the sides of the beach has small fishermen’s huts which gives it sailor character.
  5. You are travelling with children: its waters are ideal for children to swim, the shore offers a gentle slope and the sea breeze is not very strong.

A piece of advice from Moto Luis

Don’t forget to take your water shoes, as Caló d’en Serra’s shore has stones and sharp edges which disappear once you start to get into the water. Although the beach has a basic beach bar, during 2017 it remained closed. So don’t take a risk: make sure you carry enough food and drinks if you are planning to spend a long time at the beach.

Another view of Caló d’en Serra, a small beach located in the northeast of Ibiza.

How to reach Caló d’en Serra

Caló d’en Serra is barely 3km away from Portinatx, in the north of the island. Don’t forget that the parking area near the beach is very small, so we recommend that you park on the side of the road as soon as you begin to see other cars that have parked there.

Coordinates: 39.109142,1.5359923

Opening photo: (c) NC/Moto Luis


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