Getting to know Ibiza’s beaches: Cala Molí

7 de October de 2019
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On the west coast of Ibiza you will find Cala Molí, a stunning beach surrounded by pine trees which has got a mostly rocky seabed but it’s perfect for those travellers who love a bit of peace and quiet. You will not be able to reach it by bus, so you will only be able to enjoy it if you rent a car or a scooter for your holiday in Ibiza. Visit our website, find out the best rate for your dates and book your car rental with a trustful company which has no hidden costs or long queues at the airport.

What is Cala Molí like?

Cala Molí is slightly hidden on the west coast of Ibiza, between the well-known Cala Tarida and Cala Vedella beaches. Although it has a few houses in its surrounding, it still maintains a natural or wild appearance and a landscape of cliffs covered by pine trees. It is 75 metres long and its seabed is made of thick sand with many rocks, although there are some sandy areas.

Cala Moli quiet beaches of Ibiza
View of Cala Molí, the islet of s’Espartar and the west coast of Ibiza. ©

You will like Cala Molí if…

  • You are on the lookout for natural beach surrounded by pine trees.
  • You want peace and quiet because, although there is a beach club nearby, it does not affect the beach. In other words: you will be able to hear the sea, take a nap or read a book in leisure.
  • You are not travelling with children. While kids can also enjoy this beach, the truth is that the rocks in the seabed and the thick sand on the shore do not make it ideal for children to swim at.
  • You want to enjoy a long day at the beach: if you take a picnic, what else could you need?
  • You are on the lookout for a nice view: from the shore you will see the profile of s’Espartar’s islet. And if you stay until the evening, you will also be able to enjoy a lovely sunset.

The advice

If you want to eat paella, fish and other specialties of the island, we recommend you go to Can Vicent, in the nearby Cala Carbó, or María Luisa, in Cala Vedella.

car rental ibiza moto luis
Enjoy a reliable car rental in Ibiza © Alberto Paredes / Moto Luis

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Get into your rental car, follow the route we have designed on our post Car route along the West coast of Ibiza and get to know other beaches such as Cala Vedella and Cala d’Hort. And if you have enough time, you could also do the Car route along the South of Ibiza.

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