Cala Tarida: a beach for everyone

4 de January de 2023
Cala Tarida

Cala Tarida is one of the best-known beaches on the west coast of Ibiza because it is equally popular with families, couples, young people… Located just over 10 kilometres from Sant Antoni, it stands out for the beauty of its landscape and its wide range of beach restaurants.

With a total length of 300 metres, the shore of Cala Tarida is split into two areas due to the beautiful group of rocks that emerge towards the centre of the beach. It has fine sand a and shallow seabed, and it has traditionally been one of Ibiza’s family-friendly beaches due to the hotel establishments built next to it and the safety it provides for children’s bathing. In fact, Cala Tarida is one of Ibiza’s oldest tourist resorts. Nowadays, new housing developments have sprung up around this enclave, although it still maintains a beautiful marine horizon.

Cala Tarida: a beach for all ages

Its typically crystal-clear waters, its sandy seabed with hardly any rocks, its scenic beauty and its wide range of restaurants make this beautiful beach in the west of Ibiza a favourite for all kinds of bathers. The longest and narrowest stretch is called Cala Tarida Nord (North), and it is the area closest to the bus stop. On the other hand, the wider but shorter stretch is known as Cala Tarida Sur (South).

In addition to these two areas of the beach, you will find two other spots at both ends, both of which can be reached by walking along the coast. At the northern end you can access Es Pujolets, a pretty set of two mini coves where nudism is usually practised and which can be reached by a somewhat difficult access that requires suitable footwear (forget about trying to do it in flip-flops). And at the southern end, Es Calonet awaits, a charming seafaring spot consisting of a dozen boathouses. Neither of these two hidden enclaves are a secret any more, so don’t go there in search of privacy…

Cala Tarida
Cala Tarida from the Ses Eufabies beach bar. © NC / Moto Luis

This beach in the west of Ibiza will appeal to you if you…

  • You are looking for a safe beach for children in Ibiza.
  • You like snorkelling – you won’t have any trouble seeing fish almost right on the shore! If you go with children, they will have a great time!
  • You need to have a wide choice of restaurants for your day at the beach.
  • You like beaches with a view.
  • You have a kayak with which to take a trip along the coast.

Where to eat in Cala Tarida

This beach has a wide and varied range of restaurants, so you will find everything from your typical beach bar to more sophisticated restaurants.

  • Ses Eufabies: located on a headland right on the beach, it has fabulous views! On its menu you will find classic summer dishes. A traditional restaurant where you always feel welcome.
  • Ca’s Milà: this restaurant is another classic on the west coast of Ibiza. You will love its views and its fabulous Ibizan cuisine, and don’t miss the bullit de peix!
  • Cotton beach: this sophisticated restaurant is located at the top of the cliff -just like Ca’s Milà- and offers a menu of contemporary cuisine.
  • Can Yucas: located in the northern area, this beach bar is another good option for breakfast, lunch or dinner in Cala Tarida.

Ca's Milà
View of Cala Tarida from the terrace of Ca’s Milà restaurant. © NC / Moto Luis

How to get to Cala Tarida

You can reach this beautiful beach in the west of Ibiza by car or scooter, bus and boat.

  • By bus: from May to October, the regular bus lines L5 (Sant Antoni – Cala Tarida) and L38 (Eivissa- Sant Josep – Cala Tarida) run. You can check the timetables and routes on the Ibizabus website (
  • By car or scooter: access to this cove is perfectly tarmacked and well signposted. There is a public car park in the northern area, as well as on the road that connects the northern area with the southern area.
  • By taxi: as it is a well-known tourist resort with three hotel complexes, taxis are often present.

Moto Luis’s tips for your day at the beach

  • May and June are the best months to enjoy this beach, as its waters are usually at their clearest.
  • If you rent a scooter or a car in Ibiza for your holidays, make the most of it and combine this beach with the neighbouring Cala Molí and Cala Vedella.
  • Cala Tarida has a wide range of hammocks and umbrellas, although you can also bring your own. The cost is €10 each in Sant Josep.
  • If you run out of sun cream or need to buy a hat, in Cala Tarida you will find the La Sirena shopping centre.
  • Due to its south-west orientation, this cove is prone to jellyfish. Ask the lifeguards if there have been jellyfish in the previous days. If there have not been and there is no wind blowing from the sea, you can swim in peace!
  • If you want to practise nudism, head towards the coves of Es Pujolets.

Es calonet en cala Tarida
Es Calonet is to the south of Cala Tarida. © NC / Moto Luis

Main picture: Alberto Paredes / Moto Luis

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