The weather in Ibiza, month by month

13 de February de 2023
que tiempo hace en ibiza What the weather is like in Ibiza

Wondering what the weather is like in Ibiza in summer or winter is normal when it’s your first time on the island, you’ve never been here in the low season or you’re not familiar with the temperatures in the western Mediterranean. If so, read on and clear up your questions about the weather in Ibiza.

Don’t you know what to pack for your next trip to Ibiza? What’s the weather like in Ibiza in September? Would you like to go to the beach in October or take a swim at the beach in April? Does it rain a lot in September? Here we will answer the most common questions about the weather in Ibiza and Formentera. Find out about the weather in Ibiza, so you can decide which clothes to pack for each season of the year. Will the weather be good in Ibiza in the month you come to the island on holiday? Get ready for a weekend getaway, even in low season. Because, as you will see, the mild winter temperatures make our island a perfect destination for a 2 or 3-day getaway.

The weather in Ibiza: Mediterranean, mild and very sunny

Ibiza has almost 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, which means that there is little chance of your holiday coinciding with a long string of grey, gloomy days. Especially if you come between June and September. Ibiza’s climate is typically Mediterranean, with mild, sunny winter days and hot summers with occasional peaks of humidity and heat.

When is the best time to travel to Ibiza?

If you’re looking for Ibiza in all its daytime and nightlife splendour, you should travel in the summer months. If you’re looking for the best of summer and the best of autumn, i.e. more tranquillity, temperatures suitable for swimming and the chance to go hiking or cycling without getting exhausted by the sun, then you should travel to Ibiza in May, September and October. And if you are only going to focus on gastronomy, cultural visits, hiking, yoga retreats or the practice of water sports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing, then winter is the best time to travel to Ibiza. The same applies to Formentera, although it should be noted that hotels, restaurants and cafés are almost completely closed from November to April, so winter is not the most attractive time to escape if you want to enjoy these services.

tiempo ibiza en invierno
Winters in Ibiza are usually mild during the day. © NC / Moto Luis

The weather in Ibiza month by month and what to pack in your suitcase

Find out below what average temperatures are recorded each month, how many hours of daylight there are, what the average monthly rainfall is, what the average sea temperature is and what are our tips to bear in mind when packing your luggage and planning your activities.

What is the weather like in Ibiza in winter?

The months from January to March are the quietest period on the island, as many seasonal workers return to their home towns and residents go on holiday. Temperatures, although cold, are remarkably mild, so outdoor activities can be carried out in comfort.

January: Average figures are: 15º maximum and 7º minimum, 4 days of rain and 15.4º at sea. Daylight hours on 31 January: 10h, 12 minutes.
February: Average figures are: 15º maximum and 8º minimum, 4 days of rain and 14.8º sea temperature. Daylight hours on 28 February: 11h, 17 minutes.
March: Average figures are: 17º maximum and 9º minimum, 4 days of rain and 15.1º sea temperature. Daylight hours on 31 March: 12h and 35 minutes.

Moto Luis tip: winter is ideal for discovering Ibiza through its hiking and cycling routes. If you visit the island between January and February, you can also take the Ibiza almond tree route by car.

The suitcase for Ibiza in winter

For these months, we recommend that you pack jumpers, long-sleeved garments and some short-sleeved ones for those days when it gets warm at midday; closed shoes, sunglasses and sports shoes if you want to go hiking in Ibiza. And don’t forget to bring your winter coat, as you’ll need it as soon as the sun goes down.

Ibiza en primavera
Spring is also a good time to rent a convertible. Foto: Alberto Paredes / Moto Luis

What is the weather like in Ibiza in spring?

Spring is one of the best times of the year to travel to Ibiza. The weather in April, May and June usually has pleasant temperatures during the day and cool nights, which become milder from June onwards. In spring, both Ibiza and Formentera gradually open their restaurants and hotels, so visitors can also enjoy the leisure activities on the neighbouring island.

April. The average figures are: 19º maximum and 11º minimum, 4 days of rain and 16º sea temperature. Daylight hours on April 30: 13h, 47 minutes.
May. Average figures are: 22º maximum and 14º minimum, 2 days of rain and 18.8º sea temperature. Daylight hours on 31 May: 14h and 41 minutes.
June. Average figures are: 26º maximum and 18º minimum, 1 day of rain and 22.7º sea temperature. Daylight hours on June 30th: 14h and 50 minutes.

Moto Luis tip: if you visit the island between April and June, please note that from March onwards, Vespa and scooter hire in Ibiza will be available again for our clients. If you like riding a scooter, book it for your spring holidays in Ibiza!a!

Your suitcase for Ibiza in spring

This suitcase is the hardest to pack next to the autumn one, isn’t it? It’s hot, but it’s also cool; there may be some cloudy days, it may rain… That’s why it’s common to wonder about the weather in Ibiza in April, May and June. If you come to Ibiza in spring, include in your luggage summer clothes for the day, a swimming costume, sandals, trainers, flip-flops, sunglasses, sun cream and a hat or cap, but also a warm garment for the evenings.

tiempo ibiza verano
From July to September, you’ll find Ibiza at its busiest. © NC / Moto Luis

How hot is it in Ibiza in summer?

The highest temperatures in Ibiza are reached in the months of July, August and September. You’ll find sunny and hot days, with some humid spikes. In September, if you’re dining in an al fresco restaurant by the sea, you may need a jacket or long-sleeved garment.

July. The average figures are: 29º maximum and 21º minimum, 0 rainy days and 22º sea temperature. Daylight hours on July 30: 14h, 13 minutes.
August. Average figures are: 30º maximum and 21º minimum, 1 day of rain and 24.5º sea temperature. Daylight hours to 31 August: 13h and 5 minutes.
September. Average figures are: 27º maximum and 19º minimum, 3 days of rain and 23.3º sea temperature. Daylight hours on 30 September: 11h and 50 minutes.

Moto Luis Tip: if you want to rent a Jeep Wrangler in Ibiza in summer, book it in advance because this is when we have more requests, it is the favourite vehicle of many of our clients! We also recommend that in July, August and September you avoid hiking or cycling in the middle of the day.

Packing for Ibiza in summer

Are you sure you need help with this luggage? In July, August and September, pack your favourite summer clothes, not forgetting your sunglasses and a cap for your head.

tiempo ibiza otoño playa
In early autumn you can still swim in Ibiza. © NC / Moto Luis

What is the temperature in Ibiza in autumn?

We end this review of the weather in Ibiza with autumn, a very attractive season to visit the island if what you want are quiet plans that include gastronomy, walks and swimming in the sea (you can still take a dip). In autumn, daytime temperatures remain pleasant, although the chances of the occasional rainy day increase.

October. The average figures are: 23.5º maximum and 15.9º minimum, 5 days of rain and 23.7º sea temperature. Daylight hours on 31st October: 10h and 35 minutes.
November. Average figures are: 19º maximum and 12º minimum, 5 days of rain and 20º sea temperature. Daylight hours on November 30th: 9h and 40 minutes.
December. Average figures are: 16º maximum and 9º minimum, 5 days of rain and 16.7º sea temperature. Daylight hours on 31st December: 9h and 30 minutes

Moto Luis tip: Autumn is a perfect time to stay at boutique hotels in the interior of the island. Bear in mind that in October many weddings are held in Ibiza, so some of these cosy establishments are completely closed for the occasion.

Packing for Ibiza in autumn

If you’re travelling to the island in October, November and December, follow the spring guidelines, but bear in mind that in October you can still swim at the beach, and in December you’ll need a coat.

Opening photo: Image courtesy of Besos de Ibiza


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