What to see in Sant Josep de sa Talaia

20 de February de 2023
que ver en sant josep sa talaia

There is plenty to see in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, Ibiza’s largest township, where some of the island’s most beautiful and famous beaches, archaeological sites, natural spaces and viewpoints await you. You will also find a wide range of restaurants, beach bars, beach clubs and nightclubs.

During your holidays in Ibiza, you will see that many roads will lead you to Sant Josep, one of the most popular areas of Ibiza during the summer due to the lively nightlife of Playa d’en Bossa and the fact that it is the town with the most beaches in its area. In fact, the airport is located within the municipality, so Sant Josep will literally welcome you to the island if you arrive by plane. And so will we, if you decide to hire your car in Ibiza with Moto Luis and you want us to deliver it to you at the airport, with no long queues and no shuttle buses involved.

Recogida coche alquiler aeropuerto ibiza sant josep sa talaia
We provide the car at Ibiza airport, located in the town of Sant Josep de sa Talaia © Alberto Paredes / Moto Luis

All there is to see in Sant Josep de Sa Talaia

Located in the south of the island, Sant Josep is one of the areas of Ibiza that you cannot miss on your holidays, whether you come in summer or winter. Moreover, thanks to its wide range of hotels, you can choose where to stay in Sant Josep based on your style: luxury hotels, boutique hotels, hotels with character or rural hotels.

The villages of Sant Josep

In the municipality of Sant Josep de sa Talaia (also known by its Spanish name, San José) you will find the villages of Sant Agustí d’Es Vedrà, Sant Jordi de ses Salines and Es Cubells, as well as the tourist resort of Playa d’en Bossa. When you are enjoying your route by car around the south of Ibiza, don’t hesitate to include them in your stops.

  • Sant Josep de sa Talaia: is the main village of the town, a charming group of houses built around its church. Until just a few decades ago, the village only consisted of its church and a handful of buildings erected along the road, as the Ibicencans have traditionally lived in isolated country houses scattered around the fields. The church of Sant Josep was completed in 1730 and is the only church on the island with a sundial on the façade. We recommend that you have a coffee in the pretty little square overlooking the church and that you save a few nights for dinner in one of the quality restaurants you will find in the village..
  • Sant Agustí: its collection of traditional houses make it one of the places to visit in Sant Josep de sa Talaia, as this charming and peaceful little village is one of the best-preserved enclaves on the island. Located on the top of a hill, it only has a simple 18th century church (note that it has no porch, a rarity among Ibizan churches), several excellent examples of typical houses and two essential restaurants: Can Berri Vell (open in a century-old house) and Bar Can Berri.
  • Es Cubells: This is the smallest urban nucleus of Sant Josep, as it only consists of the church and a few houses. When you go to Cala d’Hort, take a detour and go to Es Cubells to see its small church overlooking the sea and observe the beauty of the cliffs in the area from the belvedere. And if you happen to be in time for lunch, you will find the Es Cubells restaurant and Bar Llumbi restaurant in the same square, as well as the Ses Boques beach bar, located under the cliff and right by the sea.
  • Sant Jordi de ses Salines: due to its markedly local atmosphere, it is worth stopping in this village near the airport and Playa d’en Bossa to see its church, the only one on the island crowned with merlons. If you visit Sant Jordi on Saturday morning, stop by the old racecourse, where Ibiza’s only second-hand flea market is held all year round.

Es Cubells vista al mar, el nucleo urbano más pequeño de Sant Josep de sa Talaia
Sea view from the porch of the church of Es Cubells. © NC / Moto Luis

The archaeological sites of Sant Josep

Among all the things to see in Sant Josep de sa Talaia, there are also sites that will allow you to discover the traces left by the Phoenicians and Romans in the south of the island.

  • The Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta: when you go to the beautiful beach of Es Bol Nou, take the path that starts next to the Sa Caleta restaurant and come and see this site, one of the four enclaves on Ibiza declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. If you look closely, you will see the remains of the urban layout and two ovens that formed part of this Phoenician settlement from the 8th century BC. And if you continue along the path, you will come to a quiet natural port where you will see one of the groups of boathouses on Ibiza that have been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.
  • Ses Païsses de Cala d’Hort: in this Punic-Roman site you will find the remains of two necropolises (ancient cemeteries) and of an ancient Roman villa that had an oil mill, a wine cellar and several warehouses. Furthermore, next to this enclave you will be able to observe an excellent example of traditional peasant architecture.

yacimiento fenicio sa caleta en sant josep
The Phoenician site of Sa Caleta. © santjosep.net

Other places to see in Sant Josep de sa Talaia

In addition to the villages and archaeological sites, in this town in the south of the island there are more places to see, either on a hiking route or on your way to the beautiful beaches of Sant Josep.

  • Ses Salines Interpretation Centre: Located within the Ses Salines Natural Park, it is well worth a visit to learn about the natural and ethnographic heritage of this site. Its permanent exhibition explains the ecological value of the salt flats, the dune chains, the posidonia oceanica meadows and the cliffs of the natural park. You can also learn about the marine and land species present in this valuable natural area of Ibiza, such as the Pitiusa lizard (Podarcis pityusensis), the seahorse (Hippocampus ramulosus), the peregrine falcon (Falco peregrinus), the flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber), the Balearic shearwater (Puffinus mauretanicus) and the black-winged stilt (Himantopus himantopus). Once you have finished your visit, we recommend that you enter the church of Sant Francesc, a humble church which, like Sant Agustí, does not have a porch, and then have an appetizer or lunch at Bar Sant Francesc.

what to see sant josep salines
The church of Sant Francesc and the Ses Salines Natural Park Interpretation Centre. © Alberto Paredes / Moto Luis

  • The watchtowers of Sant Josep: Ibiza’s coastline has seven watchtowers, four of which are in the town of Sant Josep. If you travel to the island in winter, you can discover them on a route around Ibiza’s watchtowers, or get close to them on a hiking route or on a pleasant summer stroll from the beach.
  1. Sa Sal Rossa tower (Playa d’en Bossa beach): also known as the Carregador de sa Sal tower, it was built to defend the salt flats of Ibiza. It overlooks Playa d’en Bossa beach and Ibiza.
  2. Ses Portes tower (Ses Salines): this watchtower can be reached via a pleasant hiking route from Ses Salines beach or from Es Cavallet beach, whichever you prefer. From this enclave you will also enjoy a panoramic view of Formentera and the islets of Es Freus.
  3. Es Savinar tower: built in the mid-18th century, this is the most famous tower on Ibiza thanks to its views over Es Vedrà. It is located on a private estate, so access to the tower may be closed.
  4. Torre d’en Rovira: located near Cala Conta, you will discover it if you decide to take a stroll from the beach. It was built in the mid-18th century to protect the bay of Sant Antoni. It overlooks the islets of Ponent, the bay and Cap Nonó.

que ver en sant josep torre rovira
View of the Rovira tower. © NC / Moto Luis

The beaches of Sant Josep that you have to se

Sant Josep de sa Talaia has 80 kilometres of coastline, most of it being rugged, with more than 20 beaches to suit all preferences: family beaches, beaches for young people, quiet beaches, nudist beaches, wild beaches, urbanised beaches…

The essential beaches of Sant Josep

These are the most famous beaches in Sant Josep, the ones you will surely want to see on your first trip to Ibiza.

  • Ses Salines beach: this untamed sandy beach is frequented by celebrities, young people and families. It is usually busiest in the afternoon. There is paid parking.
  • Cala d´Hort: its views of Es Vedrà have made it one of the best known. We recommend that you eat paella that day in one of these two restaurants: Cala d’Hort and El Carmen.
  • Platges de Comte (Cala Conta): This group of small coves is famous for the beautiful shades of its waters and for its amazing sunsets and views of the islets of Ponent. They are always crowded and attract mainly young people and families.
  • Cala Bassa: another of the most visited beaches in Sant Josep due to its beauty. You can only park in a private car park.
  • Playa d’en Bossa: this is the longest sandy beach in Ibiza and one of the liveliest thanks to the wide range of leisure activities available.

Cala Tarida
Cala Tarida from the Ses Eufabies beach bars. © NC / Moto Luis

More beaches to enjoy on your holidays in Ibiza

There are many more beaches to see in Sant Josep that you are sure to like. If you practise nudism or are looking for a gay atmosphere, go to Es Cavallet; if you prefer small coves with a quiet atmosphere, then head for Cala Carbó, Cala Codolar or Cala Molí; if you want a family atmosphere and restaurants right on the beach, you’ll like Es Bol Nou, Cala Tarida, Cala Molí and Port des Torrent; if you don’t mind little or no sand, go to Es Codolar, Cala des Jondal, Es Xarco, Es Torrent, Ses Boques and Cala Llentrisca. And if you’re staying in the bay area, and don’t feel like moving around too much, go to the beaches of Xinxó, Pinet, d’en Serral and S’Estanyol.

Where to see the best sunsets in Sant Josep (San Jose)

Any list of the best sunsets in Ibiza includes enclaves near this municipality, as a large part of it faces west. If you’re in the area at sunset, head for these places to see Ibiza’s famous sunsets: Cala Comte, Port des Torrent, the cliffs of Cala d’Hort, Kumharas, in Cala de Bou; the crest of sa Talaia, the highest mountain in Ibiza; the salt flats of Ses Salines and Cala Molí.

que ver en sant josep atardecer es vedra
Sunset with Es Vedrà in the background. © NC / Moto Luis

Main picture: © Isla Elefanta / Moto Luis


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