Getting to know Ibiza’s beaches: Cala Xarraca

30 de April de 2019
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Cala Xarraca beach, located in the North of Ibiza, is ideal for travellers who don’t require too much in order to enjoy a nice day at the beach. You will find it between Portinatx and Benirràs beach and, although it is quite narrow, it is below a seaside cliff that opens up towards one of the island’s most beautiful bays due to its clear waters. If you are in search of Ibiza’s peaceful side, get into your rental car, take a look at your map and head towards the North.

You will like Cala Xarraca if…

  • You want to enjoy a quiet day at a family friendly beach.
  • You are not interested in hearing beach bar music: there is only a restaurant on the beach at this location.
  • You like snorkelling. Cala Xarraca is an excellent beach at which you can put on your goggles, get into the water and forget about the outer world.
  • You’d like to explore the North of Ibiza, as Cala Xarraca can easily be included in your routes along Cala Sant Vicent, Portinatx, Sant Joan, Benirràs beach and Sant Miquel.
  • You don’t mind a few rocks in the seabed along with other Sandy areas because you are equipped with water shoes.

The bay of Cala Xarraca is one of the most beautiful in Ibiza. © Maritime of Portinatx

Our recommendations for Cala Xarraca

  • If you come on a Sunday, don’t miss the Sant Joan street market, which is much more cosy and peaceful than others on the island. You can buy handicrafts, organic fruit and vegetables, homemade bread, Ibiza honey and the famous Ibizan herbs liqueur.
  • It is best to get to the beach early so that you can park easily. A few years ago, it was not a well-known beach, but nowadays it is no longer a secret.
  • Once you are on the beach, you can continue to the left to reach a hidden cove that is usually frequented by nudists. If the remains of posidonia oceanica (algae) don’t bother you and you want to practise nudism in Ibiza, you’re sure to like this spot.
  • If you are on a scooter and you love to spread out your towel on Ibiza’s beach huts, when you reach the turnoff to Cala Xarraca continue a little further ahead until you see a small clearing at the edge of the road. Park there and walk down the road until you come to a pretty set of beach huts. Although it may seem like a remote spot, in the middle of summer you will also find company, but you are sure to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and its crystal-clear waters.

Cala Xarraca
The north coast of Ibiza is home to beautiful wild places. Photo by Anibal Amaro

Where is Cala Xarraca?

Cala Xarraca is 30 kilometres away from Sant Antoni de Portmany, 40 kilometres away from Sant Josep de Sa Talaia, 25 kilometres from Ibiza, 19 kilometres from Santa Eulària and 10 kilometres from Sant Miquel. From Sant Joan it’s only 5 kilometres away, along a winding road which goes up and down this hilly area of the island.

Cala Xarraca on Google Maps (

How to get to Cala Xarraca

By bus: during the summer, it is possible to go to Cala Xarraca on lines L21 (Santa Eulària – Sant Joan – Portinatx) and L20A (Eivissa – Sant Llorenç – Sant Joan – Portinatx). However, due to the low frequency of departures and the stretch of the route down to the beach, it is only an interesting option if you do not wish to take a taxi or hire a car during your holiday in Ibiza.

By car: It is undoubtedly the best option, although it must be taken into account that the parking is not large.

cala xarraxa beach north ibiza
Cala Xarraca in Google Maps

Main picture: Pixabay


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