2019 Fundraising campaign: Help Proyecto Juntos

21 de April de 2019
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Yet another year, Moto Luis is starting a new donation campaign aimed to help non-profit organisations in Ibiza which work to provide a better quality of life to people in need. Many of our clients want their holidays for their own enjoyment but also to benefit the island beyond the economic sphere that derives from tourist’s spendings. Moto Luis shares this same vision and, for this reason, during 2019 season we are beginning a new donation campaign and its aim will be to raise funds for NGO Proyecto Juntos (The Together Project).

Moto Luis fund-raising campaigns

The non-profit organisation Proyecto Juntos (the Together Project) will be this summer’s campaign, supported by Moto Luis and our clients. In the past two years, we have raised money for Hogar del Remei Juvenile temporary home (2018, 1,000 euros) and a campaign for APNEEF’s children with special needs to travel to Disneyland Paris (2017, 2,500 euros), which they did this winter. This year, once again, children will be the recepients of the raised funds which will be handed to the Ibizan NGO Proyecto Juntos, founded by Carlos Ramón after his past experience as a volunteer at other non-profit organisations.

moto luis donation campaign ibiza car rental 2019
Carlos Ramón is the founder of Proyecto Juntos. (c) Proyecto Juntos

What is Proyecto Juntos?

One of Proyecto Juntos’ main goals is the wellbeing of hospitalized children and, through various initiatives, they have made the children’s area of hospitalization in Can Misses a bit more fun and cozy for kids. One of the biggest accomplishments has been organizing afternoons of games that run from Monday to Friday thanks to their volunteers, they are filled with arts and crafts, films, board games and other ways of entertaining children to help them escape hospital routine.

Other “Junto” projects include informative and educational speaches, mental and physical improvement programmes after long hospitalisations, finantial funding to families from Ibiza and Formentera who need to go to mainland Spain due to children’s serious illnesses and help for schools which implement actions to include children with special needs and to avoid bullying.

How can you help Proyecto Juntos?

It is very easy to join our donation campaign. When making a booking on the Moto Luis website, you only have to tick the box to make a 10 euro donation towards Proyecto Juntos (or up to 30 euros if you can and wish). This ammount will go the the NGO in full. If you are making a booking via e-mail you can also make a comment that you want to donate or even when you are making a direct booking at our San Antonio office.

How does Moto Luis donate?

Moto Luis will hand over all donations to Proyecto Juntos at the end of the summer season and we will donate the same amount on top. This way, if in total clients had donated 2,500 euros for example, Moto Luis would donate another 2,500 euros on top so the final donation would be 5,000 euros.

donation campaign moto luis rent a car ibiza 2019
If you wish to collaborate with Proyecto Juntos you can add your donation in the booking process.

How long does the donation campaign last?

The fundraising campaign will be running until 31st October. After this date, we will publish an informative note on our blog showing the donation made to Proyecto Juntos from Moto Luis and our clients.

Additional information

If you would like to learn more about Proyecto Juntos, visit their website https://proyectojuntos.org. And if you have any questions about the donation process while making a booking, please make sure to contact the Moto Luis team.



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