We collaborate with APNEEF Ibiza to enable children in need to enjoy Disneyland Paris

6 de April de 2017
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

Next year, the association of people in special need of Ibiza and Formentera APNEEF will has celebrated its 20 year anniversary helping to better their quality of life and social integration of hundreds of boys, girls and teenagers with physical, psychological, sensory and or cognitive disabilities.

It is an important anniversary that will be fulfilled thanks to the help that during all these years APNEEF have provided to numerous volunteers, associations, companies and other members of the public.

Thanks to them, APNEEF can offer the children with special needs child development services and early attention, speech therapy, pediatric physiotherapy, social skills workshops, psychomotricity therapy, pedagogy, psychological attention, crafts workshops and equine therapy, among others.

At Moto Luis we know first-hand the importance of the hard work and dedication that APNEEF puts in every day of the year and that is why we want to collaborate in their projects for 2018.

Celebrate the twentieth anniversary taking an excited group of children with special needs to Disneyland Paris. For such cause, Moto Luis will donate to APNEEF the same amount that our clients donate at the time of booking.

APNEEF campaign Moto Luis rent a car Ibiza
Picture taken during the last travel organized by APNEEF

Why would we like you to take part in the campaign?

To travel is one of the greater gifts of life. Not only does it widen our horizons and make joyful memories, but above all it encourages knowledge and acceptance of diversity. It’s an inner voyage which inevitably helps the traveller, sometimes subtly and sometimes widely. Because each trip goes a long way and because travelling brings us closer to the world… Help the children of APNEEF smile at Disneyland; help them experience the magic of travelling.

How can you collaborate with APNEEF?

When making your booking with Moto Luis, check the indicated box to make a 10 € donation to APNEEF. This amount will be donated to the organization in full for said trip to Disneyland Paris and Moto Luis will equal each donation.

apneef campaign moto luis rent a car Ibiza
When making your booking, check the indicated box to make a donation.

How long will this advertising campaign last?

The collaboration campaign will last until April 30th. Once we reach this date, we will publish a detailed post in our blog as proof of all donations to APNEEF from both Moto Luis and our part-taking clients.

Where can I get more information about this project?

To find out more about this project, please view this informative PDF issued by APNEEF. You can also visit APNEEF’s web page, where you can see all the services, activities, actions and projects involving the organization:

apneef campaign moto luis rent a car Ibiza

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