A route along Ibiza’s fishermen’s huts

15 de September de 2019
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We want you to make the most of your rental car in Ibiza all year round. For this reason, we are suggesting you try a route along Ibiza’s fishermen’s huts, which is an itinerary you will surely enjoy any time of the year, whether it’s when you can take a dip in the sea or even if it’s only possible to take a walk and enjoy sightseeing. Also, this route will take you along some of Ibiza’s most famous beaches. They are not the only ones with fishermen’s huts, but they are the most picturesque. It will be hard to resist taking a selfie or two…

What are fishermen’s huts?

Ibiza’s coast has plenty of fishermen’s huts, these resemble small sheds built in the rocks and used to shelter seamen’s instruments as well as their “llaüt”, which is the island’s traditional boat. Nowadays there are still over 1,500 units remaining and some are protected or have been declared assets of cultural interest due to their notable heritage value. This is the case of the fishermen’s huts in Cala Corral. A traditional fisherman’s hut must be built with materials from the land, such as dry stone and sabine beams, as this wood is very resistant to humidity.

route of the boathouses of Ibiza
Dry stone and sabina wood are the traditional materials used in the construction of the boathouses. © visit.santantoni.net

Rent your car and follow the route along Ibiza’s fishermen’s huts

Get into your Moto Luis rental car and head towards our fishermen’s huts route that begins at a small and charming beach which is only a few minutes’ drive away from our San Antonio office.

Route along the North

  • Stop #1: Cala Gracioneta

You can reach it by car or by foot as it is a nice walk along the coast which goes further after the end of Caló des Moro’s promenade.

  • Stop #2: Cala Salada

This famous Ibizan beach has got two attractive sets of fishermen’s huts that you will find at the left end of the beach and also below the cliffs which separate Cala Salada from Cala Saladeta.

route of the boathouses of Ibiza
Vista de las casetas varadero de Cala Salada. © Jose A. Porras / visit.santantoni.net

  • Stop #3: Es Portitxol

To get to this stunning beach you have to hike down a hill for about half an hour and the path is not very good. It is extremely important you carry plenty of water and trainers.

  • Stop #4: Benirrás

Another reason to go to this striking beach in the North of Ibiza is its fishermen’s huts.

  • Stop #5: Pou des Lleó

This is another of the most unique stops along the Ibizan fishermen’s huts route. If you go there at lunch time, here you will find two highly recommended restaurants: Salvadó and Fonda Pou des Lleó.

Pou des Lleó cuenta con un bonito conjunto de casetas marineras. © NC/Moto Luis
Pou des Lleó has a nice set of sea sheds. © NC / Moto Luis

Route along the South

  • Stop #6: Porroig

The enchanting Porroig bay has got a nice set of fishermen’s huts, where you will be able to lay your towel down and take a quiet dip while on route.

  • Stop #7: Sa Caleta

One of the most picturesque sets of huts along our Ibiza’s fishermen’s huts route is Sa Caleta, an isolated nook which is near Es Bol Nou beach and which was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. Don’t miss the archaeological remains of the Phoenecian settlement that are visible near the cliff.

  • Stop #8: Cala d´Hort

This beach is a must when you are in Ibiza so surely you will not miss the fishermen’s huts that you can spot on its South end. If you happen to arrive at lunch time, make sure you try a rice dish at El Carmen or at the Cala d’Hort chiringuito.

Varadero booths route in Ibiza
Varadero booths of Cala d’Hort, in the south of Ibiza. © NC / Moto Luis

  • Stop #9: Cala Tarida

At the South end of Cala Tarida you will find the Es Calonet fishermen’s huts and, at the North end, the Es Pujolets huts.

  • Stop #10: Cala Corral

Near Cala Tarida is this nook filled with fishermen’s huts and very frequented by local residents at the weekends. Due to its uniqueness, it’s been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.

  • Stop #11: Punta des Molí

This route along Ibiza’s fishermen’s huts ends in San Antonio, at Punta des Molí, a quiet sailor’s spot that was acknowledged as an Asset of Cultural Interest due to its heritage value.

Varadero booths route in Ibiza
Booths in Punta de’s Moli, in Sant Antoni de Portmany

Do you want to find out about other interesting spots in Ibiza?

Get into your rental car from Moto Luis and follow the routes by car along Ibiza that we post on our blog, which are good to do in summer and also in winter. And make the most of your holiday in Ibiza!

Opening photo: visit.santantoni.net

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