Top 5 Ibiza restaurants for meat lovers

15 de July de 2016
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The stars of Ibiza’s cuisine are fish and seafood, but if you declare yourself as a meat lover or you are craving a lovely meat meal during your stay in Ibiza, you may want to visit one of these five restaurants. They will not deceive you! There is a reason why each of them made it to our Ibiza’s top 5 selection. Bon appetite!

  1. Can Pilot

Coordenates: 38.962613, 1.398096

Área: Center

It is located in Sant Rafel and is one of the most famous addresses to taste excellent grilled meat. If you do not want to risk running out of a table, better book. The best: it is open all year. – Tel.: 971 198 293 – Web

  1. Baláfia

Coordenates: 39.033054, 1.489615

Área: North

Here the menu is very simple tomato salad, grilled meat and french fries, reputated to be the best on the island. Better book. No credit cards accepted. Ctra. de Sant Joan, Km. 15,4 – Tel.: 971 325 019

Donde Marian y Miguel, Ibiza.
Donde Marian y Miguel restaurant, Ibiza.

  1. Donde Marian y Miguel

Coordenadas: 38.997011, 1.556527

Área: East

One of the best restaurants on the East Coast. The meats you will find excellent beef  charcoal grilled. Better book. Carrer de César Puget Riquer (Cala Pada) – Tel.: 971 339 271 – Web

  1. Ca’s Pagès

Coordenates: 39.011113, 1.550571

Área: East

A classic of the island and very popular Ibiza. Specializing in grilled meats and wood-fired lamb, it is also a good way to sample the traditional cuisine of Ibiza. They do not accept reservations or allow credit card payment. It is located in East Coast, along the road of Sant Carles. Open all year long. Tel: 971 319 029 – Web

Ca's Pagès restaurant terrace at night, Ibiza.
Ca’s Pagès restaurant terrace at night, Ibiza. Picture by Ca’s Pagès

  1. Can Suldat

Coordenates: 38.998998, 1.572920

Área: East

Situated on a narrow road that leaves from Es Canar, this charming restaurant offers romantic ambience, live music and excellent Galician beef entrecot on stone. Camí des Murter, 44 – Tel: 971 312 224

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