Don’t leave Ibiza without… trying “cafe caleta”

28 de July de 2016
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There are some restaurants and beach bars in Ibiza –not many- where meals always end in the same way: drinking a lovely café caleta. As it aids digestion and it is aromatic, it is the best cure against drowsiness after meals. Take note of where you can find it and don’t forget to order it!

While touring the island
There aren’t many restaurants which offer it on their menu, however, fortunately you will find at least one caleta coffee on each cardinal point of the island. Follow our advice and include it in your next drive through Ibiza. Nevertheless, be careful because this coffee is not harmless. It is slowly brewed in an earthenware casserole and flavoured with orange and lemon rinds, cinnamon, coffee beans and brandy. A lot of it! Don’t forget it and don’t be in too much of a hurry to drive again.

Where can you try caleta coffee?

El Bigotes
Coordinates: 39.024607, 1.596658
We have already told you all about this rustic beach bar in our post about what to see on the East of Ibiza. It is famous for its “bullit de peix” (boiled fish), but also because it is one of the places in Ibiza where fresh caleta coffees are prepared every day. If you don’t feel like eating there, you can always turn up at around 4pm and order this coffeee. It’s the best moment to enjoy their terrace! Phone number: +34 650 797 633

cafe caleta el bigotes ibiza
El Bigotes from the sea. Cala Mastella, Ibiza.

Es Boldado
Coordinates: 38.890404, 1.220902
It has everything you need in order for you to enjoy an unforgettable meal. They serve fantastic rices on a terrace with breathtaking views over Es Vedrá where you can also enjoy a café caleta from the menu. It has become extremely well known amongst the locals, a classic.

Cuatro Latas
Coordinates: 38.913947, 1.463839
This is one of our favourite spots due to its autenticity, its attentive and friendly staff, the quality of their products and the great views which overlook the city of Ibiza. The bar itself is very basic so forget the VIP areas and making reservations or finding posers. Here is where people come just to eat grilled fish with a side of salad. And café caleta. It’s delicious and… strong! The Cuatro Latas bar – also known as the Fish Shack and Maria’s Kiosc – is located in the Northeast of Talamanca.

Cafe Caleta Es Bol Nou Ibiza
Es Bol Nou, Ibiza.

Sa Caleta
Coordinates: 38.868495, 1.331698
We have left this one until last but it should be the first on the list because this beach bar from the South of the island assures that their café caleta is the original one. The real café caleta. As well as fabulous rice dishes, Sa Caleta has a shaded garden which is very pleasant and the lovely breeze from Cala Es Bol Nou beach only a few metres away.

Did you like our suggestions? Don’t forget to include them in your next drive around Ibiza, find out about our car rental offers and enjoy your holiday on the island.

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