Ibiza on 5 great and unforgettable paellas

24 de June de 2016
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Either by the sea or overlooking the beautiful hills of the island, Ibiza has no shortage of restaurants to enjoy a delicious paella. On this occasion, we present our selection Top 5, but we’ll expand the list until you reach the Top 10.  Are you already salivating? Well, get in the car and take the course towards the following coordinates.

  1. Can Pujol

Coordenates: 38.970162, 1.277170

Área: West

Forewarned is forearmed: if you sit at the table of Can Pujol,you always want to return. Their seafood paella is full of flavor and the all i oli preparing is among the best on the island. Better book.

Tel.: 971 34 14 07

  1. Port Balansat

Coordenates: 39.080028, 1.439877

Área: North

Here the fish and shellfish are the kings, but also the paellas and rice dishes. The seafood is delicious, but if you want to give yourself a fancy ask for the lobster. Port Balansat is found in the Port of San Miguel. Tel.: 971 334 527

Seafood paella, Port Balansat restaurant. Ibiza.
Seafood paella, Port Balansat restaurant. Ibiza.

  1. La Escollera

Coordenates: 38.849935, 1.402344

Área: South

Another essential of the island for 2 decades. In La Escollera you will find exceptional views of the beach of Es Cavallet, a chic atmosphere and a rich seafood paella. In addition, the booking includes free parking. Tel: 971 396 572

  1. María Luisa

Coordenates: 38.912589, 1.224481

Area: west

Located in the south of the beautiful cove Vedella corner, María Luisa serves one of the tastiest seafood paella on the island. For dessert, we recommend that you ask your coffee caleta, delicious and freshly prepared. Tel: 971 808 012

  1. S’Espartar

Coordenates: 38.931828, 1.258756

Área: West

On the road between Sant Josep de sa Talaia with cala Tarida is this country restaurant which has among its specialties a wide range of paellas. Any of them is a success. Tel: 971 800 293

book with us and your trip to Ibiza.

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