What to see in the city of Ibiza?

3 de June de 2016
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The city of Ibiza -in Catalan, Eivissa- well worth the attention of visitors beyond the summer nights, when its restaurants and bars are full of animation. Museums, viewpoints, churches, stately homes and other sites of interest are scattered around the area of La Marina as Dalt Vila, the walled part of the city so much. You do not want to turn to park? Go straight to pay huge parking located near the port, whose main entrance is on the street Pere Frances

  1. Necrópolis de Puig des Molins

Coordenates: 38.906943, 1.429751

This site is one of the most important in the Mediterranean in its category thanks to its good state of preservation and the number and diversity of tombs it contains. Within the complex there is the Archaeological Museum, where exhibits valuable Phoenici, Punic and Romans necklaces, vases, amulets, coins and other objects. Via Romana, 31

  1. Paseo de Vara del Rey

Coordenates: 38.909553, 1.433530

Iconic boulevard dedicated to General Joaquin Vara de Rey and Rubio, military and political Ibizan died during the War of Independence of Cuba. Among the buildings erected around the ride highlights especially the old Montesol hotel, located in one end, next to the Av Bartomeu Ramon I Tur and declared a Cultural Interest building.

Puig des Molins, Ibiza
Necrópolis of Puig des Molins, Ibiza. ©MECD

  1. La Marina

Coordenates : 38.909686, 1.436804

The old quarter of fishermen houses during the summer season pretty animation, however being very quiet the rest of the year. Strolling through streets and the Sea, Xeringa, the Passadís, of Enmig and Mare de Deu discover not only beautiful corners and whitewashed walls but also features attractions such as Casa-Museo Broner, an excellent example of architectural rationalism.

  1. Plaza de la Constitución

Coordenates: 38.908973, 1.436856

Beautiful enclave of the city with exceptional views of Dalt Vila and cathedral. In addition to the harmonious walls that form, in the square stands the Mercat Vell, the old city market.

  1. Portal de Ses Taules

Coordenates: 38.908750, 1.436781

Located on one side of the square of the Constitution, this beautiful Renaissance gate is the main entrance walled enclosure of Dalt Vila. Its unthinkable to leave Ibiza without crossing the threshold, which leads directly to one of the liveliest in the summer nights : the Plaza de Vila.

Portal de Ses Taules, Ibiza
Portal de Ses Taules, Ibiza

  1. Dalt Vila

Coordenates: 38.907619, 1.436186

The walled city, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is one of the best preserved Renaissance fortresses of the Mediterranean. Its walls, which surround and overlook still inside, reveal traces of early Phoenician settlements, the Arab occupation and the Catalan presence during the Renaissance. The Santa Llúcia, Major Street, the Cathedral Square and a walk along the walls you should not miss on any tour of Dalt Vila.

  1. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Ibiza

Coordenates: 38.908352, 1.436229

A few steps from Portal de Ses Taules is the MACE, with interesting temporary exhibitions and an outstanding permanent collection. On their website there is complete information about the exhibits currently on display. Free entrance

  1. Museo Puget

Coordenates: 38.907194, 1.435393

This beautiful fifteenth century manor houses the work of Narcís Puget Riquer and Narcís Puget two Ibizan artists whose watercolors and oils make an interesting and valuable portrait of Ibiza in the first half of the twentieth century. It is located in Sant Ciriac, between Calle Major and the monastery of Sant Cristòfol. Free entrance.

Paseo por las murallas de Dalt Vila, Eivissa
Paseo por las murallas de Dalt Vila, Eivissa. © Moto Luis Rent a Car

  1. Madina Yabisa

Coordenates: 38.907029, 1.436082

This interesting interpretation center to discover the ancient Muslim Eivissa still lingers in the urban layout and the towers of Dalt Vila.

Carrer Major, 2

  1. Walls and bastions

Coordinates: 38.906076, 1.436488

At the back of the Cathedral of Santa Maria you can start a nice walk along the walls, through the called Almudaina roundabout, with spectacular views over the southeast of the island, Formentera and the Necropolis of Puig des Molins. During the ride you get to the bastions of Sant Bernat, Sant Jordi and Sant Jaume. At the lowest level of Dalt Vila are the bastions of Sant Pere, Sant Joan and Santa Llúcia.

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