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24 de June de 2016
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East Ibiza offers the traveler the most famous markets on the island, mythical directions, good restaurants, beautiful beaches and a strong family atmosphere. Enjoy this route and discover the beauty of the East of Ibiza.

Stop 1. Santa Eulària des Riu

Coordenates: 38.984548, 1.533780

Must visit Puig de Missa, example of Ibizan church-fortress. Next to the religious complex is the interesting Museum of Ethnography, opened in a farm house over 300 years old. The collection includes typical costumes , farm implemints, musical instruments , toys , weapons and jewelry, between other objects.

Stop 2. Hippy Market

Coordenates: 38.993878, 1.577961

Every Wednesday is held high season in Punta Arabi in Es Canar, this greatest of Ibiza hippy market. With about 500 stalls, you can buy gourmet products, natural cosmetics, handicrafts, jewelry, accessories, fashion …

Puig de Missa, Santa Eulària des Riu.
Puig de Missa, Santa Eulària des Riu. ©

Stop 3. Cala Nova

Coordenates: 39.008823, 1.581817

Virtually untouched beautiful beach of fine sand, gentle slope and clear waters. One of its sections nudist bathers concentrated and the atmosphere is mostly familiar.

Stop 4. El Bigotes

Coordenates: 39.024607, 1.596658

Rustic bar where bullit de peix and arroz banda is served only a. You have to call to reserve, the food is served at 14:00 and do not accept cards. At 12:00, make a turn for anyone who wants to take grilled fish. Glued to Cala Mastella, you can be reached through a road leading down to the beach bar or along the coastal path that starts from the cove Mastella own. Tel: 650 797 633

Stop 5. Ca’s Pagès

Coordenates: 39.011113, 1.550571

If the mind goes over Carnivore, Ca’s Pagès will always find under a bower fresh grilled meats and traditional Ibizan cuisine. They do not accept reservations or allow credit card payment. Tel: 971 319 029

Aigües Blanques beach. Ibiza.
Aigües Blanques beach. Ibiza. © Turismo de Santa Eulària des Riu

Stop 6. Mercadillo de Las Dalias

Coordenates: 39.028552, 1.557908

A whole classic. In its numerous stalls you can buy fashion, accessories, jewelry, local products and crafts. Open all year it is open on saturdays. Though in high season there stay open more hours and open there doors on Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays. Its better to consult there opening ours on the web.

Stop 7. Bar Anita

Coordenates: 39.034591, 1.565492

This pleasant restaurant Sant Carles is must for those who go in search of the hippy trend on the island, since in the 60s and 70s it became a meeting place for hippies who made the pilgrimage to Ibiza. To eat they serve simple and generous portions, but it is also a good place to enjoy a glass of your delicious Ibizan herbs or a piece of flaó and greixonera, two of the traditional desserts of the island.

Stop 8. Aigües Blanques

Coordenates: 39.059784, 1.589169

Spectacular virgin beaches nudist tradition whose clear waters contrast with the reddish color of the cliffs under which it is located. It is best to go in the morning, because in the afternoon the beach is shaded.


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