5 Beach bars which have been there for a lifetime

15 de July de 2017
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It may seem that beach clubs and sophisticated beach restaurants have taken over your everyday beach bars which had existed for donkey’s years –but no-. We are now recommending five classic summer destinations. We wish these special locations all the best: a long life span and many delicious servings. Make sure to rent a car and discover all of them 🙂

Cuatro Latas

We love this beach bar because the food is fresh (they only serve fish which has been caught on that particular day), the staff is friendly and the views overlooking Ibiza town are breathtaking. This place is not posh at all: they have plastic chairs and sunshades with advertisements on them but we can assure you that you will include this place amongst your favourites: they only offer fish of the day. TIt is located in Cap Martinet, at the end of Talamanca beach, near the sea shore, just after Sa Punta restaurant. They do not take reservations.

Coordenates: 38.913947, 1.463839

Can Colomaret

At the North end of Cala Nova you will find this unsophisticated beach bar that has plastic tables some of which present beach views and others scatter between the pine trees and the juniper trees. The menu is uncomplicated and it includes both fresh fish and fresh squid of the day. One of the reasons we love it is because you can eat barefoot with your feet dug into the sand 🙂

Cala d´Hort

If you have already had a read through our blog you will have probably read a few recommendations about this restaurant located in Cala d’Hort. We just love it! Many people who live in Ibiza (as well as us) go to its terrace to enjoy their delicious fish and seafood paella. The ambiance is very relaxed which is what we like when sitting at a table, tasting their rice and taking in the views of Es Vedrá. We highly recommend that you make a booking before turning up and please take note of their closing date around mid-November. Contact number: (0034) 971 935 036.

paella Ibiza beach bars rent a car hire
Paella in Cala d’Hort © NC/Moto Luis Rent a Car Ibiza

Ses Eufabies

This beach restaurant is a Cala Tarida classic, it has been there forever! Ses Eufabies has been serving simple Mediterranean dishes for decades and it has its regular clients amongst the Ibiza natives and the people who visit the island every year. You will fall in love with the beach views. If you don’t want to miss out on a table, we highly suggest making a booking before you spread out your towel on the sand.

Es Puetó

In San Antonio, next to Es Puetó beach, you will find this nice and simple beach bar that has very nice views which overlook the San Antonio bay and from where you can see the sunset. We recommend it at any time of the day but especially in the evening, when you can enjoy a cool beer along with a tasty dish of fried fish.

Cover Picture: Cala d’Hort bech bar. (c) NC/Moto Luis


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