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30 de April de 2020
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

At Moto Luis we believe that the most important heritage of a company is its clientele. That is why we are pleased to know that at the moment the comparison shows that we are the best rated car rental in Ibiza on Google, Facebook and Tripadvisor. A fact that we are proud of and that encourages us to continue with our company values: seriousness, honesty and professionalism.

Moto Luis: trusted rental in Ibiza since 1956

In recent years we have all become accustomed to checking the reputation of companies through social networks, forums and ratings from Tripadvisor and Google. Still, the opinions of the people around us remain the most valued, so word of mouth remains our favorite source of recommendations.

After six decades of working to offer a trusted Ibiza car rental, we are glad to know that our customers continue to recommend us among their acquaintances and that they often also share their experience with all those travelers who consult the reviews of Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor.

comparison of car rental in Ibiza
Marta and Marga Roig lead the excellent team of Moto Luis professionals. © Alberto Paredes

The value of local car rental companies

Local companies are increasing in value among consumers thanks to the fact that they maintain the business fabric of the territory at the same time and revert the benefits to it. But in addition, local companies have another important value for the customer: treatment and trust. A local company that loves their business shows it every day and is happy with each client who leaves satisfied. And the customer values it. In fact, multinational and low cost car rental companies receive the lowest ratings on Google or on review portals such as Trustpilot. Comparison of car rental in Ibiza:

How do customers rate us on Facebook, Google and Tripadvisor?

The reviews shared by our customers allows us to verify that they have a high level of satisfaction, a fact that coincides with the valuations and impressions that our clients also convey to us in anonymous surveys that they send us after the end of the rental. As of today, Moto Luis has ratings of:

comparison of car rental in Ibiza

Many of the reviews shared by customers on these networks can be seen in the selection of reviews that we publish periodically in our car rental in Ibiza reviews section or you can browse directly on Facebook, Google and Tripadvisor.

Valuation and comparison of car rental in Ibiza: our anonymous surveys

Regardless of the evaluations that customers can make if they want on websites, forums and social networks, at Moto Luis we take care of knowing in depth the degree of satisfaction of each rental. To do this, we send all our customers an anonymous response survey in which each phase of the service is scored: search, purchase, reception of the vehicle, condition and cleaning of the vehicle, return of the vehicle and customer service. At the moment, we have 344 responses in Spanish, 345 in Dutch, 34 in German and 391 responses in English and the average rating for each is:

Get to know us more

If you have read this comparison of car rental in Ibiza and you do not yet know us, we invite you to know in this other article the reasons why Moto Luis will become your trusted company.  And if you don’t usually rent cars, find out what mistakes you can’t make in your next rental. We are waiting for you in Ibiza!





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