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26 de September de 2016
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There are times when one only thinks about laying down in their hammock and forgetting about everything which has to do with routines, including driving cars. But on such a stunning island it’s a real shame to just relax at the beach day after day and to miss out on such beautiful hidden spots. This is why we encourage you to rent a car in Ibiza and to explore the island as it should be done. Choose the car model that you like the most and discover breathtaking spots (which, we insist, you will only be able to reach by car).

  1. Sant Vicent de sa Cala

Coordinates: 39.079128, 1.559784

Area: North

This location even seems faraway to Ibiza’s residents. Situated in the Norheast of the island, nearly at the end of a winding road, Sant Vicent de sa Cala is barely formed by a church, the priest’s house, a restaurant and not much more. Well, there is one more thing: peace and quiet. From the church square you will find stunning views of the surrounding slopes, one of the most unspoilt areas on the island.

The tip: in summer, you must try a burger from On the beach, situated next to the Sant Vicent beach. If you head there in low season, why don’t you try having a picnic on the beach?

Sant Vicent de Sa Cala, Ibiza
Sant Vicent de Sa Cala, Ibiza

  1. Cala Llentía

Coordinates: 38.948856, 1.229007

Area: West

One of the most unusual spots of Ibiza is close to Cala Codolar, on the West coast of the island. In this case, the beach isn’t the interesting factor as it is very small and hard to reach, what you will search for are two sculptural works next to it. The first one is called Time and Space and was made by the Australian artist Andrew Rodgers commissioned by Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque du Soleil. The monuments will remind you of Stonehenge because it is composed of twelve dolmens which surround a taller one, topped with a gold plate. The second sculpture, a few metres nearer to Cala Codolar, represents two doors facing each other that frame the islet of Es Vedrà.

The tip: rent one of our Jeeps and also discover other hidden spots of not so easy access.

Cala Llentia - Ibiza's secret spots
Cala Llentia © Nuria Cortés

  1. Es Broll

Coordinates: 39.0214981, 1.3616847

Area: Centre

This spot has to be reached by car but then you have to get to it on foot, it’s a beautiful walk through this Sant Antoni treasure. Es Broll still has a water channel system from the arab times many centuries ago. You will see water tanks, cisterns, irrigation ditches, water mills and a natural spring also called Es Broll.

The tip: after a walk go to Can Cosmi in Santa Agnès by car and order their tasty vegetable omelette.

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