Can I take my rental car on a ferry to Formentera?

30 de July de 2019
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

One of our client’s most frequently asked questions amongst those who wish to visit our neighbour island is whether they can take their rental car on a ferry to Formentera. Up until now, this depended on each car rental company’s rules, but a new law from this summer has made matters more complicated. Keep reading this post and find out what you must do if you wish to go to Formentera in your personal or rental car.

New regulations regarding vehicle access to Formentera

Until this summer, anyone who found a space for their vehicle on board of a ferry to Formentera could travel there from Ibiza without a problem, whether it was to spend a day or for longer. Within the past few years, Formentera has become more and more popular and therefore a larger number of cars which last year reached the number of 22,000. This increase of traffic on the island had as a consequence that the local government enforced access, circulation and parking regulation for motor vehicles for the first time ever in Spain and it limits daily access to 20,000 cars and scooters to locals and tourists. The limit for tourists to take their rental car on a ferry to Formentera is of 2,200 cars and 200 scooters per day.

rental car on a ferry to Formentera
Beside the fast ferries, Trasmapi and Balearia offer routes between Ibiza and Formentera with ships in which motorcycle vehicles can be embarked. © Transmapi

This measure will only apply during the months of July and August and it enforces all travellers who wish to go to Formentera with their car or scooter to get an authorization for which they can apply on the website The daily cost for non-residents of the Balearic Islands is 1€ for cars and 0.50€ for scooters. Those who get on a ferry without an authorization will receive a monetary fine which will be between 1,000€ and 10,000€.

Can I take my rental car from Moto Luis on a ferry to Formentera?

Regardless of this new measure of access control, at Moto Luis we advise you not to take your rental car from Ibiza on a ferry to Formentera. The main reason is we only offer assistance in Ibiza so any incident that requires a tow truck or personal assistance in Formentera would be solely the client’s responsibility until the vehicle is returned to Ibiza.


Our work would only include offering help to handle the return of the vehicle, but the expenses in Formentera would not be covered by our services. From Moto Luis, we always recommend you book car and scooter rental services from local companies in Formentera. Also, this way you will not have to apply for authorization between 1st July and 31st August to travel to Formentera with your car or scooter nor pay the daily fee.

Cover’s picture: © Balèaria


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