2020 Donation Campaign : Metastatic Breast Cancer Association

6 de February de 2020
Motoluis Rent a Car Ibiza

In Moto Luis we already have started the donation campaign for 2020, which for this time is intended to raise funds for the Metastatic Breast Cancer Association, who was created in Ibiza in 2018 by a group of womens diagnosed with this disease.

Again, we invite all our clients who wish to join our new donation campaign, to a initiative of solidarity that positively influences local society, one of the main action that define sustainable tourism today.

What is the Metastatic Breast Cancer Association?

The Metastatic Breast Cancer Association was born in 2018 with the aim of giving visibility to 20% of women who suffers from incurable breast cancer, supporting them in their needs and obtaining funds for the research of metastatic breats cancer, as its motto says #moreinvestigationformorelife. In fact, just 6% of the money dedicated to breast cancer research is dedicated to researching new treatments with which to chronify or get a cure for the disease.

2020 donation campaign metastatic breast cancer association
Research is essential to achieve the chronicity of the disease or its cure.

To note, the Metastatic Breast Cancer Association funded 55,000 € at the Seroteca of Hospital Vall d´Hebron, in Barcelona; and the CRONOS HOPE project, of the SOLTI group, with 43.000 €. In addition, they also award the Chiara Giorgetti Prize for the research of Metastatic Breast Cancer, an award provided with 50,000 € that in the last edition went to the project: ¨Development of a test based on circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) to identify subtypes Intrinsic molecular models of breast cancer ( CM) ¨, from the IDIBAPS research center ( August Pi i Sunyer Biomedical Research Institute ). You can learn more about the association work on the website and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How can you collaborate with the Metastatic Breast Cancer Association?

Now is very easy to donate: Just make your car booking in Ibiza with Moto Luis. If you make the booking through our web page, you will find the field of extra donation option of 10€ to the Metastatic Breast Cancer Association. If you prefer to book by phone or by email, you just have to communicate your desire to help so we can include your donation in your booking invoice. The amount of the donation will go entirely to the association.

donation process reservation car rental in ibiza
Making your donation during the reservation is very simple.

How does Moto Luis donate ?

Moto Luis will send donations made by clients during 2020 season to the Breast Cancer Association and we will collaborate by donating the same amount collected. In this way, the association will receive a final donation for the total of the both amounts. The more you donate, the more we will donate at Moto Luis and the associoation will recieve more.

How long can you donate ?

The collaboration company campaign lasts until October 31st. After that day, we will publish an article on our blog informing of the amount donated by our customers and Moto Luis, as well as a photo that illustrates the delivery of the check.

Breast cancer in numbers

  • In Spain almost 6,000 womans die annually from breast cancer.
  • It is the main cause of death of womens between 35 and 50 years.
  • Most cases develop between 45 and 65 years.
  • About 90% of women with breast cancer are free of the disease after five years of diagnosis.

campaign donations moto luis 2020
#masinvestigacionparamasvida is the motto of the Metastatic Breast Cancer Association.

Moto Luis´s donation campaigns

In the last three years, our collections were destinated to Proyecto Juntos ( 1,600 € ) the Remei Home Children´s Center ( 1,000 € in 2018 ) and the APNEEF Disneyland Paris campaign ( 2,500 € in 2017 ). We hope that this summer we can all overcome these amounts and deliver to the Metastatic Breast Cancer Association a generous donation that brings a grain of sand more to your goal : #moreinvestigationmorelife.

Opening photo: Miguel A. Padriñán / Pixabay


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