How to get around Ibiza without a car

12 de February de 2020
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Visitors who have not yet traveled to the island always wonder if it is necessary to rent a vehicle for their vacations and if it is easy to get around Ibiza without a car. In this article we show you all the transport options available on the island both in summer and in low season so you can organize yourself properly.

Is it easy to get around Ibiza by public transport?

Ibiza has a total area of ​​570 square kilometers and the longest distance between two points on the island barely exceeds 50 kilometers, which shows that the island is a very comprehensive and easy to explore destination due to its size. Whoever has a motorcycle or a car can travel from north to south and from east to west easily through its secondary roads or the main roads that connect the nuclei of greater population. But is it easy to get around Ibiza by bus or taxi?

Transportation from Ibiza airport by bus
Transportation from Ibiza airport by bus. ©

Getting around Ibiza by bus

The island has a bus transport network that connects the main tourist centers with the coves and beaches of its surroundings, as well as the city of Ibiza and the airport. Depending on the routes used, it will be possible to move around in Ibiza without a car, but in other cases it will be much more complicated. Some of the lines, such as those connecting the airport with San Antonio or Santa Eulalia, only work during the high season between May-October or June-September, depending on the route; while others offer service throughout the year, but reduce their frequencies during the low season, as happens with the lines that connect Ibiza with San Antonio or Santa Eulalia, for example.

how to get around Ibiza without a car
Not all bus routes in Ibiza have the same frequency nor are they active throughout the year.

Before choosing this mode of transport as the option for your vacation, we recommend that you visit the Ibiza Bus website and check which bus lines leave or pass through your accommodation, with which beaches and towns connect you, and what are the frequencies and the schedules. Depending on each case, you will have departures every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour or more. The prices of the beach routes range between 2 and 4 euros, while the airport bus route costs between 4 and 5 euros.

How to get around Ibiza without a car,
The main tourist centers of the island are connected with the city of Ibiza. © Consell d’Eivissa

Getting around Ibiza by taxi

In the main tourist centers you will find taxi stops and in beaches or restaurants you can request the service by calling Radio Taxi or through the Taxi Ibiza application (App Store and Google Play). We recommend that you do not use the services offered by illegal taxis because, among other reasons, you would not be covered by mandatory travel insurance in case of an accident. The most common taxi tours are between € 15 and € 30 on average per journey, not counting pickups in villas or itineraries that exceed 20 kilometers.

how to get around Ibiza without a car and by taxi
You will find taxi stops in the main tourist centers.

Getting around Ibiza by ferry

San Antonio and Santa Eulalia have a boat route service that connects these cores with the coves and neighboring beaches, with different prices ranging between 8 and 14 euros round trip and can take up to 45 minutes depending on the route.

Which is better ?: move around Ibiza without a car or rent?

You have already seen that depending on where you stay and what you want to do and visit you can move by bus and taxi with more or less ease. If you are still not sure if you are more interested in renting a vehicle, keep in mind that by renting a car in Ibiza you will get the following advantages:

  1. You will save money on taxis or bus tickets.
  2. You will gain time.
  3. You can easily go and return to your villa or rural hotel, as well as move from or to the airport in comfort.
  4. You will move during your vacations at your leisure and with total freedom, thus being able to improvise your plans better.
  5. You will discover more isolated corners and less visited by other tourists.
  6. You will enjoy those coves and sunsets only accessible by car.
  7. You can dine at remote restaurants without relying on a taxi for the round trip.
  8. If you like to go to the beach with your own umbrellas and picnic, you will not have to carry it on the bus or while waiting for the arrival of a taxi.
  9. You will have at your disposal the most beautiful secondary roads of Ibiza to travel by car or motorcycle.
  10. If you are traveling as a family, you will carry in the car with total comfort all the necessary equipment for the entertainment and care of the little ones.

car rental in Ibiza
With your car rental in Ibiza you can discover all the attractions of the island with comfort. © Cuca Olveira for Moto Luis

What if you rent a car or a motorcycle for your holidays in Ibiza?

If you finally prefer not to move around Ibiza without a car and you are thinking of renting a vehicle, on our website you can book your model with the lowest franchise in Ibiza or taking out all-risk insurance, expand information on why rent a car in Ibiza, Know the best routes to explore the island for the first time and expand information on the advantages of renting your car with Moto Luis. And if you have any questions, contact us via email, telephone +34 971 340 765 or WhatsApp number +34 672 077 500.

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