Cala Mastella, the beach where you’ll find the famous “El Bigotes” beach bar

21 de June de 2023
cala mastella

Cala Mastella gives its name to a beautiful set of two unspoilt coves that have become known for being home to El Bigotes, one of the most famous beach bars in Ibiza for eating “bullit de peix” (boilt fish). Do you want to visit them? Head for Sant Carles and get away from the crowds.

Tucked away on the west coast of Ibiza, Cala Mastella is at the end of a winding road that leads to two nearby bays: Cala Boix and Cala Llenya. Until its beach bar ceased to be the secret of island experts, the two little coves that make up Cala Mastella only attracted neighbours in the area, usually locals or visitors with second homes in Ibiza. Today it is still a quiet beach where you can relax for a while, perhaps after lunch at El Bigotes or as a stop on a route along the beaches of the east of Ibiza.

Cala Mastella, an unspoilt beach in Ibiza where you can wander

To reach Cala Mastella, take the road from Sant Carles heading towards Cala Llenya and then follow the signs that lead to this set of two coves that stand out for their marine charm. Located at the end of a natural watercourse where a reed bed grows, the main cove that gives its name to Cala Mastella is wide. Cala Mastella is 15 metres wide and 60 metres long. On the outside of it, you will find sandy areas as well as rocky parts, while on the seabed there is a combination of sand, rock and vegetation. Due to the gentle slope of the seabed, this cove offers a safe environment for bathing. The neighbouring cove is home to a small fishing harbour with sea huts and the well-known chiringuito El Bigotes (beach bar).

Cala Mastella cala principal
Cala Mastella. © / Juan Francisco Tur Riera

El Bigotes: the restaurant in Cala Mastella where you can eat “bullit de peix”

This unique enclave of rustic charm is famous for serving a special dish: bullit de peix (fish stew) cooked over a wood fire. This speciality, now found in many Ibicencan restaurants, was until recently a typical dish cooked only by fishermen, who prepared it with freshly caught rock fish. Bullit de peix is served in two stages: first the fish stew, accompanied by potatoes and a sauce similar to alioli; and then the rice, which is usually a dry rice dish, although here it is served in broth. If you want to enjoy El Bigotes’ famous bullit de peix, don’t go without a reservation! And if you want to go in July and August, call well in advance or you’ll miss out (Tel.: 0034 650 797 633). And if you don’t find availability, don’t worry: in Ibiza you’ll find several restaurants where you can eat bullit de peix that have a much better reputation among Ibizans. They may not be as picturesque, but you’re sure to leave with a very good impression.

bullit de peix bigotes
El Bigotes, Calla Mastella. © NC / Moto Luis

This beach on the east coast of Ibiza will appeal to you if…

  • You are looking for a typical Ibiza beach where you can relax without the hustle and bustle..
  • You like snorkelling.
  • You want to combine a beach and cycling route: Cala Mastella is on cycle touring route no. 5, which links several beaches on the east coast of Ibiza on a 30-kilometre route of high technical difficulty for occasional cyclists, medium-high for cyclists with a bit more experience and medium-low for advanced cyclists.
  • You like small beaches with charm.
  • You tend to carry clogs or water shoes suitable for swimming on rocky bottoms.

Our recommendations for Cala Mastella

  • If you go in the morning, combine it with Cala Boix. If you prefer the afternoon, combine it with Cala Llenya.
  • Due to its orientation, Cala Mastella usually receives plant debris from the currents. If you don’t want to risk finding the water stirred up, choose another of Ibiza’s eastern beaches.
  • Don’t forget to take snorkelling goggles.
  • Some years, you’ll find a small beach bar with drinks and snacks located on the beach itself.
  • Bathers who choose this beach are looking for peace and quiet, so if you like the hustle and bustle or to play your music, head for another type of beach.
  • If you have booked at El Bigotes and you have parked in the Cala Mastella parking area rather than in the restaurant area (you can get there by continuing along the road without turning off at the beach), you can reach the beach bar by walking along the rocks that lead to the other side of the cove.

Vista del chiringuito El Bigotes en Cala Mastella
El Bigotes, Cala Mastella. © NC / Moto Luis

Main picture:  © NC / Moto Luis

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