Tagomago Island, Ibiza: where it is and what’s so special about it

19 de June de 2023
Isla de Tagomago

The island of Tagomago is a private island in Ibiza located off its eastern coast and very well known thanks to a luxury villa built on its territory that is usually rented by famous millionaires. However, it is its natural values that make it a unique area to be protected.

With a length of 1,525 metres and a width of 113 metres, Tagomago island, a rocky and rugged place, has become in recent years a refuge of intimacy for international celebrities such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Justin Bieber, as well as one of the favourite anchorages for those who prefer to explore the coast of Ibiza and its surroundings aboard a sailboat or yacht. For all these reasons, it is not an island that is accessible to everyone, although its silhouette can be admired from many spots along the Ibizan coastline as it is only 1,700 metres away, providing scenic charm to many enclaves.

The natural values of the island of Tagomago

This islet located in the northeast of Ibiza is one of the natural jewels of the Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean Sea, which is why it has the following levels of protection within the Natura 2000 Network: Site of Community Interest (SCI), Area of Special Importance for Birds (in Spanish, ZEPA), Special Area of Conservation (SAC), as well as being included in the Natural Area of Special Interest of the Amunts. It also belongs to the Marine Reserve of the northeast coast of Ibiza-Tagomago, a marine area of high ecological and fishing value that stretches between s’Argamassa, la punta des Jonc and the island of Tagomago.

Pardela balear isla Tagomago
Pardela balear. Picture via cram.org

Its natural values lie in the fact that it is home to numerous native, threatened or endangered species. Due to its cliffy nature, for example, it is one of the shelters of the Balearic shearwater (Puffinus mauretanicus), the most endangered seabird in Europe, and of the Eleonora’s falcon (Falco eleonorae). It is also home to an endemic subspecies of lizard, the Podarcis pityusensis tagomagensis, and to the turtle Caretta caretta, another of the outstanding species in Tagomago whose habitat must be protected. Not forgetting, of course, the presence of a large number of endemic Balearic or Pitiusan plants (i.e. from Ibiza and Formentera).

What’s on the island of Tagomago?

The private island of Tagomago, aside from its commercial exploitation, is only of natural and scenic interest, as it has no cultural remains. This unique area was a virgin territory that provided shelter for seabirds and was only disturbed by the presence of the lighthouse keeper from 1913, when the lighthouse was erected, until 1963, when the new acetylene gas lighting led to the withdrawal of permanent staff. Today, the Tagomago lighthouse continues to be a landmark on the naval routes linking Ibiza with Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona. The other construction on Tagomago is the private villa built in the 1980s and which has been marketed for decades as a luxury residence for millionaire celebrities.

faro de Tagomago isla ibiza
Tagomago Lighthouse. Foto via farsdebalears.com

What to do on the island of Tagomago?

As a private island, it is closed to visitors and no activities are allowed on the island. However, there are a number of interesting water and nautical activities available around the island. These include kayaking, scuba diving and even anchoring off the western coast.

Kayak route around Tagomago

If you like this sport, here you will find one of the most attractive kayak trips in Ibiza. This 12.2 km route starts at the Canal d’en Martí, goes to the island and circumnavigates it, revealing a geological landscape of great beauty. The route is suitable for intermediate and advanced levels.

Diving in Tagomago for all levels

Around this island there is a fabulous dive that can be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike, as the descent includes dives to -5m, -15m and -35m. This dive is called Tagomago Norte Las Anclas and reaches a maximum depth of -39 m. It’s an awesome plan for those who want to dive in Ibiza!

Anchoring at Tagomago Island

One of the most popular excursions for those who book a day trip by boat from the marina of Santa Eulària des Riu is the island of Tagomago, which has three anchorages. The most recommended is the one known as Tagomago Port, located to the southwest of the island. This anchorage is also one of the favourites among those who charter a boat in Ibiza for several days to explore the most beautiful nooks and crannies of its coastline and the coast of Formentera.

vista de Tagomago desde Ibiza
Tagomago. Foto via Wikipedia.

Where to see the island of Tagomago from Ibiza

It is very easy to see the outline of this well-known islet. Because of its proximity to Ibiza, it forms part of the skyline and seascape of much of the northeast coast of the island. You’ll know you’re seeing it if you get close to the beaches of Cala Sant Vicent, Aigües Blanques, Es Figueral and Pou des Lleó ( approach the Torre d’en Valls tower).

Main picture via Tagomago-island.com

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