Ibiza by car: Church route

25 de February de 2018
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The low season is ideal to rent a car in Ibiza and to go out and explore its traditional characteristic architecture. For example, churches – one of the island’s icons due to their unique appearance: white and modest, but solid for defensive purposes. Also, driving along the island from church to church is an excellent excuse to enjoy, at the same time, Ibiza’s rural beauty. Will you follow us? We promise you many chances for a lovely selfie…

Ibiza’s churches

Ibiza’s temples are modest buildings with barely any exterior embellishments and they were built with pirate attacks in mind. Ibiza, just like Formentera, suffered many pirate attacks starting from the Middle Ages, for which reason churches became some sort of fortress to hide in during the attacks. This is why they do not have windows (and, if they do, they were later added), the walls are very thick and some of them even still have a defense tower.

The traditional porche, always present at all churches, takes us back to not so long ago times when Ibiza resident used to take the opportunity after Mass on Sundays to get together with neighbours and find out about any novelties. We must not forget that people used to live far away from each other, scattered throughout valleys with barely any social life.

Ibiza’s churches route

There is a total of 16 traditional churches, all included in the Ibiza car route. To discover them leisurely, we suggest doing two routes: one along the North and one along the South. Don’t leave Ibiza without having visited them! Each one has a particular charm…

Jesús, Ibiza.

The northern route

Before you leave Sant Antoni, you have to visit its church, which is from the 14th Century. Take a look at its tower and strong defensive appearance. The northern Ibiza churches car route will have the following itinerary: Santa Agnés, Sant Mateu (we recommend you take the road that begins behind the Santa Agnés church), Sant Miquel, Sant Llorenç, Sant Joan, Sant Vicent de Sa Cala (Ibiza’s most faraway church), Sant Carles, Santa Eulària (a great example of fortress-church), Santa Gertrudis and Sant Rafel.

The southern route

Starting at Sant Antoni, the first stop for this car route is Sant Agustí and it later goes along Sant Josep, Es Cubells (its church and cathedral are the only ones overlooking the sea), Sant Jordi, Sant Francesc, located near the salt flats; and Jesús, not too far away from Ibiza town.

What rental car do we recommend for a Spring holiday in Ibiza?

In Spring, the weather in Ibiza tends to be warm and days are sunny but evenings are cool. You might be interested in a convertible but keep in mind that at night you will want to close the hood. For this car route along Ibiza we recommend any convertible except the Jeep Wrangler with the hard top (this is the one with 5 seats).

Our Mini convertible.


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